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Can deliver around the Kofu area.

Events Archive / Re: Annual YETI Fuji-San Climb!!
« on: August 20, 2009, 09:14:21 PM »
Hey everybody,

"The Entire :-o Mountain Climb" will start at the Fuji Sengen Jinja at 4p. It will take us about 21 hours from start to finish (22 if we walk around the crater).  

4p-8:30       Bottom to Sato Goya 5th Station
8:30-9:30    Rest at Sato Goya 5th station to acclimate
9:30-4:30    5th Station to Top (yes, with breaks )
4:30-6a       Enjoy Goraiko and the rapture of being alive
6-7             Walk around crater if y'all are interested
7-2p           Descend

I have done this climb 15 times. You should bring: two liters of water, a warm jacket, a dry shirt, winter hat, gloves, flashlight, power bars/gels and maybe a rain jacket.

I am interested in walking around the crater at the top, if others are interested. The view from the top of the old weather station is likely to blow your mind.

According to local outdoors-man Earl Redbeard: The Lower Yoshidaguchi Climbing Trail is an experience not to be missed. 90% of so-called “Mt. Fuji Climbers” start their journey with the last 6km to the summit, bypassing the greater part of the mountain. This leaves the lower 12km free from crowds and nonsense, and with the exception of the monkey statues, remains true to what the pilgrims of days long past experienced when they climbed the perfect slope of Mt. Fuji.

Here's his article about climbing Fuji from the bottom:

Let's Climbing!      :-D

Entire :-o Mountain Climbers
steve and friend
myriah and matthew
special guest: captain c from kosuge

Events Archive / Re: Fuji Climb 2007 - drivers wanted
« on: September 10, 2007, 08:21:47 PM »
Huge Thanks to "Team Fuji" guys ROCK!   :mrgreen:

Here's the time line as requested:

430p   Start at Fuji Sengen Jinja
630   Umagaeshi
645   First station
720   Second
735   Third
755   Fourth
845 - 1010   Fifth station and udon break
1050   Sixth station
1130   Seventh
1250a   Eighth
300   Ninth
345 - 600 tenth (top of Fuji)
910 - 945 fifth station and break time
1245 finish at Fuji Sengen Jinja

..................anybody want to climb again this weekend?    8-)

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