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YETI Events / Re: YETI Ski Trip 2018
« Last post by fred on November 28, 2017, 06:46:22 PM »

Same as always. No changes in prices.
Discounted tickets for the off site onsen are up in the air as the owners have changed.

RSVP using this google form if you are in Yamanashi. Otherwise, use the form in your ken's FB page.
YETI Events / YETI Ski Trip 2018
« Last post by fred on November 28, 2017, 06:09:18 PM »
YETI Ski Trip 2018.
What: Skiing and snowboarding in Nagano
When: January 19th(pm)-21st 2018
Where: Lady Diana and St. Georges hotel, Hakuba Goryu Resort, Nagano (
If you’ve been on the trip before, skip to the post below this one.
14,600 yen (2 nights accommodation, 3 meals, 1000 yen Burgers and beers lunch voucher and nomihoudai party, no ski pass),
Ski pass for either Hakuba Goryu/Iimori/47 or Happo one* is additional (+4500 for  a one day pass, +7500 for a weekend pass,) 500 yen returnable ski pass deposit (For Goryu)
Double/Twin bedrooms are available at 4000 yen extra (per couple). There are only 2 rooms (perhaps 3), so book early. However, I am looking into more rooms in a hotel a few minutes away.
One 4 bed room is available for 4,000 yen extra (per 4 people).

*If you are interested in Happo-one passes, please read the FAQ below.
Included in that price is a 1000 yen voucher for base burger and  restaurant and café, which opened last year. The voucher is valid all weekend (More details below). Additionally, we have Saturday night's party which is held in the function room of the hotel. Things to note about the party...
- This year it is nomihoudai again!!!
- There will be a boat race again!
- Some snacks will be provided.
- Hopefully, we will also have a DJ there too,
*** YETI members get a 1000 yen discount ***
Rental Gear
 - Skis/Board/Blades + Boots - 1800/2800yen for one/two days
 - Ski/Board trousers and jacket - 1800/2800
 - Goggles - 500/1000
 - Gloves - 500/1000
 - Helmet - 1000/2000
 - Lessons -  5250yen for a half day lesson

PLEASE RSVP ASAP or by January 12th. The clothing deadline is Jan 10th.

The Plan:

Friday PM
  • Arrive in Hakuba
  • Check in and pay
  • Socialize

Saturday AM
  • Breakfast
  • Collect your pass and rental gear
  • Meet the instructors and hit the slopes

Saturday PM
  • Onsen, dinner, relax

Sunday AM
  • Breakfast
  • hit the slopes
  • Or do whatever you want  :-)

Sunday PM
  • Return passes and rental gear
  • Head home unless you're staying an extra day!

  • Enjoy your extra day on the slopes

Hey! What am I getting for my money?
- Friday and Saturday night accommodation with a late checkout on Sunday if needed
- Discounted lift passes
- 3 meals (breakfast Saturday and Sunday, dinner Saturday)
- A 1000 yen voucher to use at Base - Burger and beers, and Base - Coffee and Donuts
- Saturday night party - Nomihoudai, Boat race, Music and possibly a DJ too.

For a little extra...
Rental gear and lessons are available for the above prices.
The package can be changed depending on how many nights you want to stay. However, let us know in advance especially if you have dietary restrictions.
Polo Shirts and Hoodies are also available. More about that later on.
How do I get there?
By Car: (

Most people will be travelling by car and carpooling is usually the cheapest option.
-Tolls one way are about 3,000yen from the Kofu area (differs according to area).
- For that old-school feel, please see attached files for directions from Yamanashi, Shizuoka and Nagoya. Directions from Chiba are not as detailed though.
- Check out this webcam on route 148 to see realtime weather conditions in the area.
By Chartered Van / Bus.
For those who are not able to get rides, I will help organise transport. This depends on there being a valid-licence holding driver to drive the rental van.
Approximate costs:
- Vans from Kofu : 6500 yen round trip or 7500 from Fujiyoshida.
- For those outside Yamanashi, get in touch with your co-ordinators, otherwise myself to make arrangements.
By public transport?
Trains from Kofu:
Local :3000 yen one way, 5 hours (Get off at Kamishiro)
Express : 5400 yen one way, 3 hours (Get off at Hakuba)

- Shizuoka
Only expensive train options. Over 10,000yen one way! ShizAJET will be organising cheaper transport.
-Nagoya train
 Take an express from Nagoya station to Matsumoto and then a local towards Hakuba, getting off at Kamishiro. Price is approx 6500-7000 yen one way.
- Chiba/Tokyo buses
(Straight to Hakuba Goryu) (Timetable marked Timetable (Dec. 16, 2017 - Mar. 31, 2018))   {As above but in English, still not showing January dates}

Shirt Info
The official YETI Ski trip 2018 polo shirts and hoodies are designed by Theresa Pinhey.  Here is the mockup of the designs for you!
There is a back and front print, and you can have a name of your choosing printed on the front (limit 20 characters Japanese or Romaji).
  • Polo Shirt - 3200 yen
  • Hoodie -  4500 yen

The shirts are available from SS to 5L size. Check out your size below before ordering.

Available in the following sizes
Polo shirt
           Body     Chest       Shoulder   Sleeve
          Length   Width        Width      Length
            (cm)       (cm)          (cm)          (cm)
SS        63           45            40          20
S          67           48            42          21
M         71           51            44          22
L          75           54            46          23
LL        77           57            48          24
3L        78           60            50          24
4L        81           63            52          25
5L        83           66            54          26
           Body     Chest        Sleeve
          Length   Width        Length
            (cm)     (cm)          (cm)
S          62           52           57
M         66           55            60
L          70           58            61
LL        75           63            62
3L        80           68            63

I'm so down!! What do I do now?
Well the next step is to RSVP! Please use the following google form to RSVP if you are in Yamanashi. Otherwise, use the form in your ken's FB page.

If you came last year and want to know your sizes, here is last years list.
Jan 2017 -
Feb 2017 -
If you have any questions, read the FAQ and if that doesn't cover it, then ask on here as there are bound to be more people who don't understand!
Aaaaaaarrrrggggghhhh ! I want to come but I am working on Saturday!

Fret not. There is an option to stay on the Sunday and Monday. You will just have to get yourselves to Hakuba and I can sort everything out. If there is enough demand from a certain region i.e. Kofu, I can hire a van for the group. Don't forget that you can also stay on Monday, making it a 3-day weekend and enjoy the quieter slopes.
Aaaaaaarrrrggggghhhh ! I want to come but I am terrible at budgeting
Generally, I only take the money when you arrive at the hotel as it is easier for me to collect all the money in one place... well relatively. It also means that certain things can be changed on Friday night if we have the flexibility. However, if you cancel, you will be liable for those things that I have already paid for/ cannot get out of.
If you are having cash flow issues, just let me know and we'll work something out.
This year, a number of people have wanted to pay some/all the money upfront so that they can't spend it. If you want to take this option, you can furikomi the money to me. Just get in touch and I will send you my bank details.
Hold on? If I take nenkyuu, can I get in on this Monday option and have a 3 day trip?
Yep, you certainly can. It’ll just cost extra.

I’m interested in the Happo one passes. What’s the deal with that?

Hakuba Goryu/Iimori/47 and three interlinked skifields located about 7 mins walk from our hotel and the pass works on all of the lifts there. The lessons will be held at Iimori ski field.
Happo one is a ski field located about a 15min drive away. If you wish to go there, you’ll need to make sure that you have your own transport. I can do passes for Saturday or Saturday and Sunday, but not Sunday only. You’ll be given a voucher for your pass which is exchanged at Happo with a 500 yen deposit for the pass.

What are these 1000 yen vouchers?
Japan Powder opened a restaurant last year,  called Base - Burgers and beers, just outside the Escal plaza. See the attached PDF for their prices (Fried Chicken prices TBC).  They also run a cafe called Base - Coffee and donuts on the site of the old Alaskan Burger which will do doughnuts and hotdrinks, again see the attached PDF.
The voucher is worth 1000 yen and is valid at either place but you won't get any change back from it. It also can't be split between the two.
The restaurant is forecast to hold 40-50 people and the cafe about 20. With a group our size, if you could possibly stagger your visit, that would help them out a lot!

What is the accommodation like?
Rooms are ensuite ryokan style with heaters, towels, shampoo and body soap. Rooms are generally 5-9 people per room.
Lady Diana has separate sex onsens that will be open for the duration of the trip. More details further down
Double/Twin rooms are 4000 yen per room extra (i.e. 2000 per person) but are in limited supply. The one quad bedroom is 1000 yen per person extra.  Book early to avoid disappointment! I am looking at extra rooms in a nearby hotel and will let you know if I am successful.

What is the sausage room/taco room?
AKA the boys room/girls room. As there are so many people coming from Yamanashi, some of the guys get their own room together, as do the girls. They are affectionately know as the Sausage room and Taco room.

Where do I get my rental equipment?
Your rental equipment will be delivered to the basement of St Georges hotel or outside Lady Diana in the morning and labelled for you. The prices are really low as the equipment is a few years old and will do the job for beginners and casual boarders/skiers. If you are serious about your snow sports and equipment, then you will need to go to the resort plaza and pay serious prices.
Here are sample prices
They are roughly 4000-5250/7200-11550 yen for 1day/2days for the good stuff.
What if it doesn’t fit?
As always, sizes aren't always exact. Try everything on in the morning and the rental guy(s) will be there to change things for you if need be. Please bear in mind that English may not be their first language. For those of you worried about being extra small/big, ‘t worry! We have always been able to accommodate people at the far end of the scale.
Here are some conversion charts for you to help you.
Mens Shoes -
Womens shoes -

I have my own coat and stuff. Is it good enough? Or do I go with the rental stuff?
I turn to my good friend Sachi for this¦
“You don‘t have to rent clothes. If you have a winter jacket, you'd hope it would protect you from snow which occurs in winter. The rental gear option is more for the people that are new to winter sports, or winter in general, that might not have winter equipment. Some ALTs come from tropical climates and would never need to buy useless heavy warm jackets that you might need in your home country. I had never seen snow before I came to Japan and the only time I saw my breath was when I was getting stuff from a freezer. If your gear can handle snow and cold, then there shouldn't be a problem.
‘t forget you will fall over a bit, especially when you're learning, so I highly recommend you double check your shit is waterproof!
I have my own equipment but I can't get it in the car.
Either find someone who can take it up for you, or Kuroneko's Ski Takkyubin delivery service is an option at under 3500 yen return trip for most people. You may need to buy their carrier at 240/500 yen.
The address to send it to is
Resort Hotel Lady Diana & St. Georges
22200-75, Kamishiro, Hakuba-mura, Kitaazumi-gun, NAGANO, JAPAN 399-9211
TEL: 0261-753 525
Do I need snow tyres? I have never driven in the snow
YES! You can drive on summer tyres if you want and I cannot stop you. However, depending on the weather, the police may be doing spot checks on the expressways and on the way to the ski fields. If you do not have snow tyres, then they will turn you back. This has been the case for three out of the last four years.
Additionally, should you have an accident on summer tyres your insurance will not cover you as someone found out four years back.
Chains are an alternative but best to have them on all four tyres.
If you are not experienced/confident about driving in the snow, just take it easy and be gentle with your braking, acceleration and steering. If cars behind you are pressurising you, then let them pass you.
Can I board one day and ski the other?
Of course. Just tell me which day for which, before the RSVP date and the prices will the same.
Changing your mind during the course of the trip may be a little tricky though.

What if I decide not to hit the slopes on the second day? Can I get a refund for my pass/equipment? How about adding an extra day.
If you can tell me ASAP about changes, the easier it is for me to change things. If you want to change things during the trip, it can be tricky. I will have paid for the passes and equipment by the time we are there. As a rule, it is easier to add things than to take them away. Whatever the case, I will do my best.

What if I need extra equipment such as bumpads?

There are shops in the Escal plaza at the bottom of Goryu ski field that can supply you with everything.

What about Luuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnncccccccccccchhhhhhh ?
Lunch?  The ski fields all have a choice of restaurants including a Subway and a Mos Burger and also serve hot drinks and beer. Food ranges from tradition Japanese fare to western dishes too.
Pack enough money to cover your lunch and beverages. Obviously, you will all have a voucher to use at Burgers and Beers too, but it is also nice to have choices too. Besides, you may also use the voucher for liquid refreshments.

I’ve never seen snow in my life! Am I going to fail miserably?
Hells no! Even the pros had to learn somehow. There will always be a friendly face somewhere who will give you a few pointers. Everyone has a different learning curve and you will revel in the camaraderie.

Can I get lessons?
Yes! Five antipodean instructors are booked for Saturday morning, exclusively for beginners. If there is enough demand, afternoon lessons for intermediate and higher will be provided. Pick up is at 8.30am(provisionally) to take you to the bunny slope. SO DON‘T GO ON YOUR OWN.  A few years ago, one person decided to go on their own and ended up at the wrong ski field. Please try your stuff early in the morning, before breakfast as it may take some time to change things.
The AM session will be from 9am to 12pm, PM from 1pm to 4pm. Please judge your level on a scale of 0-6 with 0 being total beginner and 6 being advanced when RSVPing. The classes may come down to majority rule.

Ski levels -
Boarding levels -

Where are the nearest onsens? And what is this about a shuttle?
As luck would have it, the hotel has it’s own onsens. There are separate male and female facilities and they will be open for the duration of our trip.

There are also onsens in the local area but even the nearest one is a few minutes drive away, with a popular one being the one at the Hotel Hakuba Goryu.
A lot of people like to go to this one.

Ownership of the Onsen has changed this year, so I don’t know if I can get discounted tickets like last year, but I will be seeing if I can. Last year’s shuttle is also up in the air too.
I don't really like big parties, what else is there to do on Saturday night?
Not everyone is into drinking and partying. Every year, some people hang out in the lobby upstairs or in their rooms and chat one-to-one or play games. One year, we even had a bible study session. There are options for everyone.

I want to come for the party but don‘t want to be on the slopes, what do I do?

Snow penises, movies, knitting, p0rn, play boardgames, borrow a car and visit the beautiful scenery, the options are endless. Last year, 25 people came for the craic.
So RSVP people as soon as possible and give me as much info as possible. Any questions are welcome.


Dietary Needs






Lady Diana (Doubles)


El Monte (Triples)

Quad Room

Non-YETI Social Gatherings / Re: 2017 Summer fireworks
« Last post by Jack B on July 26, 2017, 03:46:30 PM »
Awesome list Fred! Can you add one more?

# July 26 (Wed) 2017    2nd Annual Jack Fireshow, Jack's house
About 2 sparklers, 2016 Attendees - Approx 1 person
Non-YETI Social Gatherings / 2017 Summer fireworks
« Last post by fred on July 10, 2017, 01:00:24 AM »
Hey Peeps,
Time to dust off those Jinbeis and Yukatas if you are staying in the ken for the summer!
Here are the upcoming fireworks in Yamanashi for the Summer season of 2017~

The 3 biggest ones have been marked with a #

July 22 (Sat) 2017   60th Fuefukigawa summer evening fireworks, Yamanashi-Shi
About 3000 fireworks, 2016 Attendees – Approx 30,000 people

# July 26 (Wed) 2017    2nd Annual Jack Fireshow, Jack's house
About 2 sparklers, 2016 Attendees - Approx 1 person

Be warned...early reports suggest that this year's attendees will at least double when the Brazilian contingent are taken into account. Expect congestion and a lack of seating space.

July 29 (Sat) 2017   Yatsugatake Horse Show in Kobuchizawa, Hokuto
1500 fireworks, 2016 Attendees – Approx 14,500 people

August 1 (Tue) 2017   Lake Yamanaka Homizuumi-sai,   Minamitsuru Gun Yamanakako Village
about 8000 fireworks in 4 places, 2016 Attendees – Approx 80,000 people

August 2 (Wed) 2017   Lake Saiko - Dragon Palace Festival fireworks, Minamitsuru Fujikawaguchiko
700 fireworks, 2016 Attendees – Approx 5000 people

August 3 (Thu) 2017   Lake Motosu,   Minamitsuru Fujikawaguchiko
1000 fireworks, 2016 Attendees – Approx 3000 people

August 4 (Fri) 2017   Lake Shoji Ryomizuumi-sai, Minamitsuru Fujikawaguchiko
300 fireworks, 2016 Attendees – Approx 2500 people

#August 5 (Sat) 2017   Lake Kawaguchiko Festival (Kojosai), Minamitsuru Fujikawaguchiko
About 10,000 fireworks , 2016 Attendees – Approx 120,000 people

August 6 (Sun) 2017   9th Hokuto Hometown Festival, Hokuto shi
About 1000 fireworks , 2016 Attendees – Approx 18,000 people

#August 7 2017 (Mon)   29th Jinmei Festival,Nishiyatsushiro Gun Ichikawa Misato
About 24 000 fireworks, 2016 Attendees – Approx 240,000 people

August 8 (Tue) 2017   40th Oshino Hakkai Festival, Minamitsuru, Oshino-Village
8888 fireworks, 2016 Attendees – Approx 30,000 people

August 13th (Sat) – 15th (Mon) Fujikyu Highland Evening fireworks.
Unknown (Secret?) number of fireworks. , 2016 Attendees – Unknown

August 15 (Tue) 2017   Nanbu Fire Festival, Minamikoma Gun, Nanbu
About 3000 fireworks, 2016 Attendees – Approx 38,000 people

August 16 (Wed) 2017   Takeda Jinbotsu Shoshi fireworks, Nirasaki
About 6600 fireworks, 2016 Attendees – Approx 40,000 people

#August 21st (Mon) 2017   53rd  Isawa Onsen fireworks festival, Fuefuki, Isawa Onsen
About 10 000 fireworks , 2016 Attendees – Approx 150,000 people
Events Archive / Re: YETI Ski Trip 2017
« Last post by fred on January 11, 2017, 05:37:00 PM »
Hi Everybody,
A quick update for you.

1) The trip is at 159 people at the moment, so we have about 15 spots left. When we get down to 5 spots, I am going to have to make a waiting list and then play tetris with the rooms. But rest assured, I will do my best to fit everyone in.

To check most of your details, apart from the gear rental, scroll down this post.

2) Hoodies and polos deadline is today. After that, if you want one, I’ll have to ask the printer and play it by ear

3) As we are getting closer, I’ll be putting up messages from time to time with important stuff.
Probably Friday, I’ll release the gear rental stuff for you guys to check and room assignments will be done after Monday, along with meal times.

4) At the moment, I have to use a number of rooms that don’t have an ensuite bathroom, but are very close to the toilet and onsen. If you are ok with being placed in them, they’ll be 1000 yen cheaper. Could you get in touch with me if you are ok with that? At the moment, the available rooms can hold up to 4 (x2), 6 (x2) and 8 people.
Events Archive / Re: YETI Ski Trip 2017
« Last post by fred on December 19, 2016, 07:43:57 AM »
Hi Everyone,
As the winter break is coming up, work is winding down for most of us and some of us will be heading off home. Infact, some already are home and I will be off next week too. So I thought I’d give you an update about the event before that. I will be checking things whilst I am away though, so I should respond pretty quickly.

1) The trip now has 120 RSVPs which is HUGE. I have booked some rooms at a hotel 2-3 mins walk from the main hotel and can now accommodate 160 people (up from 140).

2) The printer of the hoodies has asked to do the printing in two batches so that he can get everything done in time for Jan 20th. So I will be sending him the current order of hoodie and polos on Tuesday. If you want me to print it after Jan 11th,  LET ME KNOW ASAP.
Please check above for what I have noted for you

Just scroll down and see your order. Anything with a * is being sent.

3) If you have changes to anything, let me know. I will not be able to check posts that have been edited. So if you do edit them, let me know by tagging me

Have a great holiday and I’ll see you in January!
Can deliver around the Kofu area.
Events Archive / Re: YETI Ski Trip 2017
« Last post by fred on November 30, 2016, 03:19:18 PM »
I've processed all of the above RSVPs!

Katherine/Stephen - That's all good!
Jack - Also all good. Get back to me if you want a hoodie ot polo. Also, once you know what Julia needs, you can either post here or through the FB event.
Charlie - Ditto for Mako
Sara - I just want more and more interesting tidbits from you every year! Also,yes...apparently it is gone now. I was surprised too.  They do have a their original branch near Happo One ( I believe). And good work reading the whole FAQ too.
Events Archive / Re: YETI Ski Trip 2017
« Last post by Pnut on November 30, 2016, 09:58:04 AM »
1. Name : Sara Wells
2. Which package are you taking? (i.e. staying 2 nights and 2 day pass (Saturday and Sunday) for Hakuba Goryu)
2 nights, no skiing.
Do you want a double room (limited availability)?
Do you want a quad room (limited availability) ?
No, just a room with cool people.

3. Gear Rental: Yes / No? Nah bro.
    If yes, please say what: (skis,board or blades / boots / clothing)
    Shoe size:  **cm
    Height: **cm (if you require board / skis)
    Clothes sizes – if you know them in Japanese sizes.
    Gloves/Goggles? Size (S/M/L)?
    Helmet? (S/M/L)?
4. Lessons? If yes, boarding or skiing? if so, which level? N/A
Ski levels -
Boarding levels -

Further details in the FAQ

5. Do you want a polo shirt? A hoodie? What size and name (20 characters max) ?
No thanks (way cute design this year though)
6. Transport Situation? (i.e. got a ride, need a ride, taking the train etc)
Driving (70% passengers, 30% board games)

7. For Saturday’s dinner, would you like to eat at 5.30pm or 6.30pm? Or is either ok?
N.B. Due to the size of our group, those with dietary restrictions will have to eat at the 5.30 sitting.   
Maybe 5:30?

8. Would you be interested in using the shuttle bus to the Hotel Hakuba Goryu Onsen? (See the FAQ)
9. Other Information: (planning to stay only one night / dietary restrictions / etc)
A bear once stole and crashed a Toyota Prius.

on the site of the old Alaskan Burger
Wait, are you implying that Alaskan Burger is closed?!?
Events Archive / Re: YETI Ski Trip 2017
« Last post by chuckesteez on November 30, 2016, 12:27:07 AM »
1. Name : Charliw Cook
2. Which package are you taking? 2 nights and 2 day pass
Do you want a double room (limited availability)? Yes! Me+Mako
3. Gear Rental: Yes
    If yes, please say what: board, boots
    Shoe size:  28cm
    Height: 180cm
    Clothes sizes – no thanks
    Gloves/Goggles? no thanks
    Helmet? no thanks
4. Lessons? No

5. Do you want a polo shirt? A hoodie? What size and name (20 characters max) ? No
6. Transport Situation? driving

7. For Saturday’s dinner, would you like to eat at 5.30pm or 6.30pm? Or is either ok? 6:30 probably

8. Would you be interested in using the shuttle bus to the Hotel Hakuba Goryu Onsen? Maaaaaybe.
9. Other Information: Hey look I'm actually RSVP'ing this year
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