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1st grade communication activities
« on: July 21, 2011, 11:12:28 AM »
I used these for my 1st grade elective English classes.

Celeb Are You~? game -  Give each student a card, students must ask the question at the bottom.  Each kid is looking for a specific celeb/character.  They must ask kids until they find their match.  Don't let them show their cards to others.  Sorry the cards are in two different files.  I dunno what I was thinking.

Areyou a good~?- simple worksheet.  They ask their friends questions, write the friends name and check either good or not good.  Fastest kids get stickers.

What's your favorite~? - Same thing as the "Are you a good~?", very simple.

What's that?- Similar to celeb are you game, they are looking for a specific item. They cannot show their cards. They must ask their friends "what's that?", point to the card they are holding and their partner will answer "This is a ~". 

For the picture cards, I highly recommend laminating.
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