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Tokyo Yamathon 2014! June 21st!
« on: April 10, 2014, 11:10:34 AM »
Short Version… A fun charity walk of around 45-50km in Tokyo. Get a team  of 3-4 people together and register. Fee is 10,000 yen which you normally pay by credit card but if you don’t have one, I will pay and you can pay me on the day.
Last year, we had 33 people in 9 teams!


Have you ever been to Tokyo? Have you ever ridden the Yamanote line? Are you interested in seeing the city in a whole new way? Here is your chance! The International Volunteer Group Japan (IVG) is having its sixth annual Yamathon on June 21st, 2014 to raise money for Oxfam, an international relief organization that will use the proceeds to help those living in poverty around the world.

What does it involve? Instead of riding the Yamanote line, teams of 3-4 people walk the entire length of it taking photos at each station with the goal of finishing together in under 12 hours.

The Yamathon is only as strenuous (and as fun!) as you want it to be. It's like taking a decent walk for up to 12 hours. It is possible to run it as well, but you finish as a team, so the last member sets your overall time. Aside from random acts from Mother Nature like typhoons, the biggest challenges are blisters and strained muscles, but more information and advice about preventing this will be posted later. As teams walk around Tokyo, you are never far from a combini or a toilet stop should any needs arise.

I will be dealing with the registrations, fees, teams, hotel bookings, and any other logistical questions/concerns if you have any. Once fees are paid, however, it will be too late to pull out financially. I can also help if you want to invite your friends and make your own team too. If you want to join as a solo person, let me know and I'll add you to a team somehow. Basically, talk with me and I'll sort everything out for you.

So sign up and join me and others for this event. Apologies to those who also got invited to the main event too.

Oh, and here is the official cut and paste too.........

*Sponsored by J.P. Morgan & Credit Suisse

The Yamathon is back! Join us on Saturday June 21st at Tokyo International Forum as we once again compete to walk or run around the Yamanote train line, raising money for Oxfam Japan.

-- What is The Yamathon? --

The Yamathon is a physical and navigational challenge where teams of three or four people attempt to walk or run around the Yamanote line in under 12 hours, starting at Tokyo International Forum, and visiting each station along the way.

-- When, where and how much? --

• When: Saturday June 21st 2014
• Meeting Time: 06:15
• Starting time: 07:00
• Meeting point: Tokyo International Forum
• Team Registration Fee: 10,000 yen per team
*100% of your team fee will be donated to Oxfam Japan’s Syria Appeal

-- Why should I get involved in this? --

The Yamathon is a unique physical team challenge which you will start together, stick together, and finish together. It is a fascinating way to see the capital city and all its sights from a new perspective.

This is also a fundraising event. 100% of your money will go to Oxfam Japan's Syria Appeal - (

You can organise your Justgiving Japan fundraising page here -

The Yamathon is organised by members of the International Volunteer Group (IVG) who volunteer their time and efforts to put on fundraising events around Tokyo. Our last Yamathon in April 2013 attracted over 430 participants and together we raised over 1,600,000 yen for Oxfam Japan -

To register a team or to simply find out more, please visit our website:

You can also follow us on twitter:
*J.P.モルガン クレディ・スイス後援


-- The Yamathonとは?--
The Yamathonとは3~4人のチームで東京の中心に位置する山手線の全29駅を12時間以内に制覇することを目標に、持久力、チームワーク、ナビゲーションへの挑戦を試そうというイベントです。チームメンバー全員で東京国際フォーラムからスタートし、共に歩き、共にゴールします。

-- イベント概要 --

・日時: 6月21日 土曜日
・集合時間: 06:15
・開始時間: 07:00
・参加費: 1チーム10,000円

-- 東京ヤマソンに参加しましょう! --





-- 申し込み、その他 --


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Re: Tokyo Yamathon 2014! June 21st!
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2014, 07:07:00 PM »
Hey Everyone,
The Yamathon is just under 3 and a half weeks away and it’s great to see so many people saying that they want to take part. It may still seem quite far away, but there are a few things that we need to get sorted out. Sorry for the long post.

1) Team Participation – Teams are 3 or 4 people. Some of you want to make teams which is great. When you have made your team, just register at and once I have approved it, you can change your profile all you want.

2) Individual Participation – If you don’t have a team, I am sure we can make teams out of the individuals who want to take part. I’ll start a post tomorrow for you guys and you can post on there.

3) Training - The Yamathon is not as hard as climbing Fuji, but blisters are usually an issue.
It all depends on the pace that you are going to walk at. For those of you who don’t run/jog regularly, the biggest issue will be blisters. I strongly suggest that you do one but preferably two/three walks of 7km or more before the Yamathon using the shoes you plan to walk in. Not really for stamina, but more to toughen your feet and help prevent blisters. It also helps to break in your shoes and your socks.

I’ll also be bringing some Vaseline with me in the morning, but I don’t know how easy it will be meet up with you all.

4) Fee payment – 10,000 yen per team. If I know one of your team personally, then they can pay me on the day itself. Just message me to let me know.

If I don’t know one of your team, then I am afraid you’ll have to pay via credit card directly to Oxfam as described on the Yamathon website and the e-mail sent to the team leader.

5) Raising sponsorship – Although the 10,000 yen goes to charity, we can still raise more. In the past, I have used this document ( at my schools for sponsorship. I also asked friends and work colleagues to sponsor my team. They gave in 3 ways

1. Unconditional donation
2. XXX yen per station reached
3. XXX yen to reach a certain station

If you are at a school, please ask your Kocho sensei permission to ask the other staff members first. I got a teacher of mine to write an explanation at the bottom of the form which helped a lot. There are two spots at the bottom for you to put your own name. I hope that is makes it easier to raise money.

6) Staying overnight – Registration is at 06.15 at the Tokyo Forum, a five minute walk from Tokyo station, two minutes from Yurakacho station. Some people can’t make that from home so will need a hotel. I personally plan on staying Friday and Saturday night in Tokyo. If you need help with hotels, I am going to look into this in the next few days too.