Author Topic: Ski Trip II - A Good Day to Ski Hard  (Read 866 times)

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Ski Trip II - A Good Day to Ski Hard
« on: January 31, 2015, 04:00:53 PM »
***** Places will be allocated based on how quickly I receive your RSVP. A full RSVP is required; minor details can be adjusted later. Places are allocated chronologically*****

--- Please RSVP to me (Fred), otherwise.. ---
--- In Chiba, RSVP to Rochelle Zheng/Rebecca O’Neil ---
--- In Gunma, RSVP to Hannah Croucher ---
--- In Ishikawa, RSVP to Ishikawa AJET/Dan Campbell/Gerard Noakes ---
--- In Shizuoka, RSVP to Jeffrey Moses ---

==== You are more than welcome to invite your friends too! ====

What: Skiing and snowboarding in Nagano
When: February 27th (pm) – March 1st, 2015
Where: Aqua Alpine Hotel ( - First 65 spaces)
Lady Diana and St. Georges (Overflow)
2-night hotel stay - 16,000 yen (Sat.& Sun. breakfast, Sat. dinner)
3-night hotel stay - 19,500 yen (3 breakfasts, Sat. dinner, no Sun. dinner)
Goryu pass (1/2/3 days)  - xxxx/xxxx/xxxx yen
Happo pass (1/2/3 days)  - xxxx/xxxx/xxxx yen

I am using the same rental company as before, so the prices are:

Ski/Board + Boots - 1800/2800/3800 yen for 1/2/3 days
Ski/Board trousers and jacket - 1800/2800/3800 yen for 1/2/3 days
Goggles  - 500/1000/1500 yen for 1/2/3 days
Gloves  - 500/1000/1500 yen for 1/2/3 days
Helmet - 1000/2000/3000 yen for 1/2/3 days

There is a more detailed explanation below, but here is the basic RSVP format:

1. Name:
2. Which nights are you staying? Fri. and Sat. only or Fri.,Sat. and Sun.?
3. What Ski pass do you want? 0/1/2/3-day pass? Would you like to go to Happo?
3. Gear Rental : Yes / No?
    If yes, please say what : (skis or board / boots / clothing etc)
    Shoe size :  **cm
    Height: **cm (if you require board / skis)
    Clothes Sizes – Please provide Japanese sizes, if possible
    Helmet (Small / Medium / Large)
4. Transport: required / not required / a friend is driving me
5. Do you have any dietary needs?
6. Skiing/Snowboarding lessons? If yes, boarding or skiing, and what level are you? (Beginner 1/2, Intermediate 3/4, Advanced 5/6)
7. Do you want to get a hoodie or polo from the January trip? If so, what size and what name do you want to personalise it with (maximum 20 characters)?
8. Other information or requests (roommate requests, do you have a Japanese driver’s license or IDP, etc.)?

Need to know more?

The February Ski trip will be generally the same format as the January trip, so for those of who did not go on it, click the link below for the full explanation of January’s event.

The main differences are that we are staying at the Aqua Alpine Hotel, which is a 4-star hotel but no nomihoudai party.  A few of you have already been there, so will know how sweet it is and it is only a few minutes walk from the slopes. It is the top-rated hotel in all of Hakuba on

This year, we’ve got the entire hotel to ourselves, which means there are 65 spots available. As this is a 4-star hotel, the rooms will have extra futons in them to bring the price down to something affordable. The package includes 2 nights accommodation, 2 breakfasts and dinner on Saturday night. Normally, the prices are 14,000 to 23,000 yen per person per night!

Also, I have 10 spots open for a third night (Sunday). This does not include dinner, but we can eat at the restaurant or go out to a local restaurant.
After the first 65 spots are taken, any further guests will be placed at Lady Diana's (the same place as the January trip). There are no Double/Quad/Single night options at Aqua Alpine, but if we use Lady Diana, they will be these options.

There is no party room at the hotel. However, we can use the facilities of the hotel, including the lounge, bar and pool room. The bar will run happy hour for us all weekend.
Also, I have been sourcing tickets to Happo-One as priced above. Let me know if you are interested.

I can offer a 3-hour beginner lesson for 5250 yen on Saturday morning. I have hired one instructor for skiing and one for snowboarding.
Outside of this, the going rate is 6000 yen per person for a 2-hour lesson. This can cover all levels and can be taken on Saturday/Sunday in either the morning or the afternoon.
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Re: Ski Trip II - A Good Day to Ski Hard
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2015, 04:08:28 PM »
Sorry about the the lack of life pass prices, but I have been waiting on them for 4 days, ready to launch this trip and I am still waiting.  :-(
They should hopefully be less than January's prices. So no more than 4500/7500 yen for one/two day passes which are normally 5000/9000 yen.

As soon as I get them, I'll put them up...

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Re: Ski Trip II - A Good Day to Ski Hard
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2015, 05:18:22 PM »
1. Name : Andy and Emily Schneider
2. Which package are you taking? 2 nights  (Thurs and Friday if possible) and two days skiing (Friday and Saturday).
The double room at Lady Diana (if available and same the same room as the last trip, if possible)

3. Gear Rental: Yes
    If yes, please say what: skis & boots
    Shoe size:  Andy 28.0cm  Emily 28.0cm
    Height: Andy 187cm  Emily 172cm
4. Lessons? No thank you.
5. Do you want a polo shirt? A hoodie? No thank you.
6. Transport Situation? I will drive my car and can take a few people with if they are leaving early afternoon Thursday
7. Other Information: I love this ski trip!

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Re: Ski Trip II - A Good Day to Ski Hard
« Reply #3 on: February 01, 2015, 12:03:57 AM »
Done and done. Get back to me if you can get the nenkyuu sorted out.

Also, Emily still has a shellfish allergy right?