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Big class games
« on: December 06, 2012, 10:28:17 AM »
Two threads in two days. Woo!

Anyone got any ideas for good little games for big classes?
The classroom is rather horrible for such big classes too, only 3 rows and the students have computers in front of them.

The time table is really crazy these days, a fair few periods scheduled where I have 40 students at once and theres nothing really I can teach them since theyre all at different places and we cant start anything new till January.

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Re: Big class games
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2012, 10:38:05 AM »
I kind of mixed up Never have I ever and 10 fingers (you know, the drinking games) and I play them with big classes. 

I tell all the students to put out their hands.  Every finger is a point.  If at any time their hands are not out in front of them, then anyone can point and say, "show me your hands", then that person loses a point.  (this is pretty fun actually b/c it keeps students pretty on edge).

Then, I explain the rules of the game.

Whenever it becomes someones turn, the entire class chants, "Never have I ever!" then that person who's turn it is has to say something they have never done.  Usually I allow them to say it in Japanese first then we tell them how to say it in English and they have to repeat after either me or the JTE.

If someone in the class has done that thing, they lose a finger.  They really get into this.  I've had students wailing cus they got nailed on something really funny.

The way I play it is that if you are among the first 3-4 people to lose all your points, then you have to stand up and go to the BATSU corner of the room.  Also, if you are left over when the class ends, or if you are among the last 3-4 people left over, then you also have to go to the BATSU corner.  Everyone else goes to the safe corner. 

After the game is over, everyone in the BATSU corner has to do some trivial Batsu-game.  I usually just tell the class to do something fun afterwards and not in class.  They all thought that was really funny (my JTE's all really laughed about that as well).

I have done this with every class and every age group in the high school and even my least interested classes really get into it.  Some classes of 20 and some of 40.  Really successful.