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YETI Spaghetti - August 26, 2014 Edition
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YETI Spaghetti
                                                                      August 28, 2014

YETI and AJET News

It is time to renew your memberships! If you would like to do so the cost will be ï¿¥3000. You can purchase one at any of our upcoming events or get in touch with our personal bank Katherine!

YETI Events
Welcome Party!
YETI Members     
     Entrance: ï¿¥1500
     Stay:        ï¿¥500
Non-YETI Members     
     Entrance: ï¿¥1500
Where:       Ã¦â€”¥å·æ¸“谷レジャーセンター
                    3 Yamatocho Tano
                    Koshu, Yamanashi Prefecture 409-1202
When: August 30-31
More info: Come eat, drink, and be merry with our new arrivals! This year we are going to gather at Nikkawa Valley Leisure Center. There will be grilling and plenty of space to stay the night in their cozy cabins.

Cost: FREE (However a 1000 yen donation is now encouraged at the trailhead to help preserve Mt. Fuji)   
Where: You can drive to the 5th station via the Fuji Subaru Line (2000yen toll), or you can take a bus from FujiSan station on the fujikyuu line. If you plan on driving and can fit others, please post on the Facebook event page.
When: September 6
More info: You should bring a light source (headlamp), a hiking stick, winter clothing and jackets, gloves, 100 yen coins for toilets, a backpack, food and drink, etc. You should wear hiking boots and warm socks.

Things to Do in and Around Yamanashi

Yoshida Fire Festival
Where: Short walk from the Fujisan Station on the Fujikyu Train Line or a 10-minute drive from the Chuo Expressway-Kawaguchiko Interchange
When: August 26 - 27
More info: One of the 3 most unique festivals in Japan!

Yamanaka Myojin Anzan Matsuri
Where: Yamanaka Suwa Jinja, 山中諏訪神社 〒401-0501 山梨県南都留郡山中湖村山中御所13
When: September 4-6
More info: (Japanese)

Things to Do Around Tokyo

Matsumoto Saito Kinen Festival
Where: Multiple venues in Matsumoto, Nagano (Chuo Lino)
When: Now through September 6
More info: This is a month-long festival that takes place every year in Matsumoto. At different venues in the city you can see orchestras, chamber music ensembles, operas, and jazz bands. There is also a parade on August 24. Some events are free, but for some you need to buy tickets in advance so check out the website for more info.

Fiesta Mexicana in Odaiba
Where: Odaiba, Tokyo
When: September 13 -15 11:00 - 7:00
More info: Come experience traditional Mexican food, music, dancing and more!

Tomioka Silk Mill in Gunma
Where: Tomioka, Gunma Prefecture
When: Open daily 9:00 - 5:00
More info: This summer Japan gained a new UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Tomioka Silk Mill in nearby Gunma Prefecture. The silk mill was built in 1872 and because of the mass production techniques used there, is a symbol of Japan’s entry into the modern industrialized area. Tomioka City is less than 2.5 hours by car from Kofu. (UNESCO) (Official)

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Re: YETI Spaghetti - August 26, 2014 Edition
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2014, 11:47:49 PM »
I can't believe you didn't include Tsuru's almighty Hasaku Matsuri!!! Tsurushi's biggest festival of the year!!!! It's going to be amazing!!!
However, I'm working that night so will miss it all :(
Wouldn't it be nice, to get on with my neighbours!