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Make your own Bingo & Comics
« on: March 24, 2015, 10:05:35 AM »
Hello everyone,

I wanted to share two online sites I've been using to prepare lessons.
They've been quite helpful, and I really like these.


This site has a Bingo generator. I mainly used the text version, but there is a picture version where you can upload pictures.
It randomly generates bingo cards for you in a pdf.
I used this as listening practice.  :-D
I just typed in the words, and generated 40  bingo cards and I was set.

Seems like there's also a Crossword Puzzle generator, but I haven't tried it out.

Comic Strips

Inspired after seeing people using blank comics from the lesson samples at that JET conference, I wanted to make my own.
Google led me here.

I've used this to review textbook phrases, and even on actual exams.
The other teachers seem to like it.  :-D

A sample of one I made:

Students would have to fill in the blanks with the correct multiple choice answer.

1.  (A) Have you got over your cold?       (B) I feel much better.
(C) You look worried.        (D) May I help you?

2.   (A) I got really good sleep last night.
(B) I’ve been suffering from a headache, since this morning.
(C) You look beautiful.
(D) I’m sorry to hear that.

3.  (A) You aren’t feeling very well, are you?  (B) I’m going home.
(C) I’m all right.          (D) What’s wrong?

4.   (A) I have an essay to write, too.      (B) I think the cold is getting around.
(C) Do you want to go get lunch?     (D) I hope you’ll get better soon.

Note: I couldn't figure out how to actually save the comics as an image file, so I would use Print Screen and then save it in Paint.
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