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Hey YETIzens! It's once again that time of the year where the flowers are blooming, the mountains are once again becoming green (instead of this shitty brown color at the moment), and the foreigners of Yamanashi congregate in Otsuki for a night of friendly competition. Or not so friendly, after a few drinks.

YETI Spring Pub Quiz '13!!!

Where: As always, Tsuki Cafe in Otsuki, right outside of Otsuki Station!
When: Saturday March 16, 6pm-10pm (quiz starts at 6:30, but please try to arrive early!)
Cost: 1000yen non-YETI members, 500yen YETI members

Pretty sure you guys know the drill, but for those who don't: it's one of my favorite YETI events, a drunken night of trivia and fun! We'll have a number of teams and compete to answer various questions from a multiplicity of categories and win (cough) amazing prizes! Competition gets heated, so be prepared. Hehe.

It's also worth mentioning that the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade is held in Tokyo on the day after Pub Quiz, so many people like to head into Tokyo after the competition is over.  :-D

The lovely hosts of this year's spring quiz are Coleman and Marc!

In order to make teams, get appropriate prizes, and let the owner know how many guests to expect,
Please RSVP by Wednesday, March 13.
Late RSVPs will not be guaranteed a place on a team.  :wink:

RSVP List!
Amanda M
Amanda R
Kelly F.
Kelly W.
Matt Castle
Matt Mikuni
Nalette's friend, Alli (same team please!)
Nick Modarelli
Sara W

YETI Announcements / Japanese discussion group?
« on: December 06, 2012, 09:01:04 AM »
Hi guys!

So the council has been discussing starting a Japanese conversation/tutoring group on the weekends. I was inspired when I went down to Okayama and my friend volunteered for the same kind of group. It's basically a bunch of Japanese people getting together and helping foreigners by just speaking Japanese with them or tutoring them with whatever they needed. I thought this kind of thing would be great to bring to Yamanashi.

Of course, not everyone needs/wants to go to this kind of gathering, but I thought it'd be really helpful for those who have been looking for a way to practice their Japanese but haven't had the opportunity.

Nothing has been decided yet, and we're just looking to gauge interest at the moment, so my questions for you are:
-Would you be interested in attending such a gathering?
-What kind of tutoring are you looking for? Just casual conversation? JLPT practice?
-Any other suggestions or comments?

If possible we'd like to get this started in maybe January or February, so please let us know what you think  ^-^

YETI Announcements / 2012 YETI Burn Awards
« on: December 03, 2012, 04:07:43 PM »
It's that time. The RSVPs for Winter Party are in and now it's time to get voting for the....


I'm looking forward to passing on my two awards from last year.  :mrgreen:

-Best Dressed
-Best "Would/Should Be" Couple
-Best Know-It-All
-Biggest Flirt
-Most Likely to be a Japan Lifer
-Most Likely to Pass Out On the Street
-Most Likely to Throttle a Coworker
-Least Likely to Survive Japan Another Year

and.... Please send us your own original ideas and who you think would win that category! Some examples from last year, lovingly created by pun master Conor Cronin, include "Lifetime Burn Award" which went to Nick Burns, and... some other stuff I don't remember. Please feel free to remind me Conor. But, the council will pick the two we think are the best out of the submissions and award those winners too!


-Please send your votes to me (Brittany) by PM, either here on the forum (buriko) or on facebook!
-Please only vote for those who will be attending the Winter Party. You have a lot of choices this year. The RSVP list can be found here:

Events Archive / YETI Winter Party 2012~! *O*
« on: November 19, 2012, 09:03:17 AM »
It's getting cold. Let's all get out from underneath our kotatsus for one night, get dressed up, and get our party on!

YETI Winter Party! 2012 Edition!
WHERE: Hops & Herbs, Kofu
甲府市中央1丁目1-5(2F)Kofu-shi, Chuo 1chome 1-5 (2F)
WHEN: Saturday, December 8 6-10pm
WHY: Let's see everyone one last time before vacation, and look pretty while doing so!
HOW (do I get there): the restaurant/pub is about a 10 or so minute walk from Kofu station.
Google Maps Link:
HOW (much do I pay): Y2000 YETI members, Y3000 non-YETI members

Additional Info: Another annual tradition, YETI's winter party is always a ton of fun. Come get dressed up nicely, eat good food, and drink at the same time! This year's party will be held at Hops & Herbs in Kofu, so hopefully it will be easily accessible for everyone.

-This event is FORMAL dress!
-Dinner is provided.
-There will be nomihoudai of asahi (?) beer, shochu, and chuhai from 7-9, but other beers and drinks in the restaurant will be available for purchase with your own money  8-)
-Karaoke is also available for 100yen/song but we ask that you refrain until we're done with dinner.

As always, the YETI Burn Awards will also take place at this event! We'll get up a list of themes you can nominate your fellow YETIzens for, or you can also send us your own ideas too. Past examples include "Biggest Flirt," "Best Should-Be Couple," "Best Dressed," and so on. Voting for this will start after RSVPs are closed, so we'll talk more about that later!

ALSO, we will be introducing something new to the party this year--an optional White Elephant gift exchange! For those who don't know what White Elephant is, it's basically like Secret Santa except you can steal other peoples' gifts (hehe). If you would like to participate, please bring a wrapped gift no more than 1000yen in value and we'll enter you into the exchange.

One last note: the actual price to YETI for this event is 5000yen a person. But, we understand that Winter Party is one of the more expensive events so we'd like to make it affordable for everyone. Hopefully the price drop this year will allow more people to attend!  :-D

Possibly most important:
I can't emphasize this enough. We've been really lenient on RSVPs this year so far because it hasn't been such a big deal, but for this event the owner needs solid numbers to prepare the right amount of food. Less importantly (maybe), people need to know who to vote for for the YETI Burn Awards.

So..... if you RSVP after December 2 or just show up then we can't let you attend. Sorry.  :cry:

And, Hoppy Holidays! ~from Conor.

RSVP List:
01. Amanda R.
02. Amon
03. Andy S.
04. Ayami
05. Badger
06. Brittany
07. Carlos
08. Cerise
09. Chandre
10. Chikako
11. Christina
12. Cindy K.
13. Conor
14. Coleman
15. Crayg
16. Dale
17. Emi
18. Emily S.
19. Erin
20. Fred
21. Jack
22. Jen B.
23. Jennifer T.
24. Joanna
25. Jotham
26. Jonathan
27. Josiah
28. Kaori
29. Kathryn G.
30. Kelly F.
31. Kwame
32. Leslie
33. Lily
34. Marc!
35. Matt C.
36. Mike M.
37. Mikuni
38. Misato
39. Nalette
40. Nanae
41. Nick Bukowski
42. Nick Marchlewski
43. Nick Modarelli
44. Nicole
45. Rebecca
46. Reina
47. Rob
48. Ryoko
49. Sairus
50. Sam
51. Sara B.
52. Sara W.
53. Sarah
54. Terra
55. Tom L.
56. Tristan
57. Wade
58. Yosuke
59. Yusuke

Events Archive / YETI Thanksgiving Potluck! November 18
« on: October 31, 2012, 09:37:56 AM »
Who doesn't love pigging out on yummy food provided by all of your pals in Yamanashi? It's time once again for the...

~Annual YETI Thanksgiving Potluck!!~
When: Sunday, November 18 from 1-5pm
Where: 山梨県立青少年センター (Yamanashi-ken Seishounen Center), aka Yamanashi Prefectural Youth Center
Address: Kofu-shi Kawada-cho 517
in room Dai-1-Kenshuu shitsu (第1研修室)
Google Maps Link:

Cost: Free!
Transportation: The address says Kofu, but it's more like the Kofu side of Isawa. For those coming by train, come to Isawaonsen Station and give us a call (090.6316.3706), we'll be doing station runs. If anyone needs more specific directions just ask and I can post them.

Additional Info: Since this is a potluck, please bring enough food or drinks for at least a few people, and let us know what you're bringing so not everybody brings the same thing. YETI will be providing utensils and such so no need to worry about bringing those! I know for some people it may be hard to cook in your tiny apartments, and I think this was a little bit of a problem last year. But still please try to bring something everyone else can enjoy!  :-D

Also, this event will still be NON-ALCOHOL like it has been in the past.  8-)

And once again: when you RSVP, please let us know what you're bringing!!  :lol:

RSVP list:
-Brittany: mashed potatoes, chicken
-Sarah: mashed potatoes, mac & cheese
-Carlos: ham & cheese croquettes
-Matt C(a).: squash
-Conor: taba deer curry, steamed veggies
-Kelly F: soda or mashed potatoes
-Marc: coffee, vanilla ice cream
-Terra: (maybe) pumpkin pie, green bean casserole, more mashed potatoes??
-Arthur: chips & salsa
-Robin: cake
-Wagner: dessert
-Sara W: green bean casserole
-Erin: mashed potatoes
-Nick Mo.: drinks
-Jack: chili
-Nalette: sour cream/tuna dip, Filipino dish
-Ayumi: homemade pizza
-Jen: dinner rolls, salad
-Christina: african spice carrots, ponzu roasted kabocha
-Lica: pasta
-Tristan: chicken adobo
-Mikuni: pineapple & crack powder
-Amanda R.: stuffing/dressing, garlic green beans
-Annabella: sweets
-Wade: drinks
-Mike W.+Mie: green bean salad
-Emi: harumaki
-Fred: salad
-Jon: corn

Non-YETI Social Gatherings / Carpool to Kansai? Weekend of 11/23
« on: October 15, 2012, 04:05:53 PM »
Hey all! So, I'm planning to drive down to Okayama on the 3-day weekend we have in November to go visit my host student from high school. If anyone else was planning on visiting Kansai and wanted to come with me and split gas/toll, it'd be a lot cheaper for all of us. :) I'd be willing to drop you off just about wherever, as long as it's not super out of the way. I'm planning on passing close to Nagoya and also Osaka.. and if you've ever wanted to visit Okayama... haha.

I haven't planned out everything yet but I'm thinking it'll go something like this...
-Leave at night on the 22nd (tolls are cheaper)
-Get to kansai area on the morning of the 23rd
-Leave to come back on the 25th afternoon so we can sleep before school on Monday lol

I think the drive is around 7 hours.

Tolls round trip would be about 13000, split between 4 people is ~3200 I think? Also I'm not sure how much gas I'd use, but I'm estimating gas will cost around 16000 round trip which would be ~4000/person if there's 4 of us. So you can get to kansai and back for about 7000yen!

If you're interested, let me know!  ^-^

Events Archive / Get Your Quiz On! FALL PUB QUIZ
« on: September 19, 2012, 10:11:52 AM »
Hello all! Now that we've finally stopped sweating the moment we step outside, it's time for one of your favorite events of the year...


Where: Tsuki Cafe, directly across the street from Otsuki station
When: Saturday, October 20th, 6:00pm
Why: Who doesn't love drunk trivia competitions??
Who: Your hosts will be Matt Mikuni, Carlos, and Paul!
How (much): 500 YETI member, 1500 1000 non-YETI member

I'm sure all of you have been to a Pub Quiz before or at least something like it, but basically we'll make a bunch of teams and have the host ask questions on various topics. Previous years have included themes such as Horror Movies, Mythology, Musical Instruments, and many others, so come put your random knowledge to the test! Each round is scored and there will also be hilarious mini-battles between rounds for additional points. Even if your brain is not an encyclopedia of knowledge on Lord of the Rings, good times will be had by all.. come join us!!

The winning team will get fabulous prizes chosen by your lovely Council, in addition to bragging rights of being the cleverest of the ken. I know that's not a word.

With that said...

Please RSVP by Wednesday, October 17!
Late RSVPs or those who just show up on the date will not be guaranteed to be placed on a team. Please reply here or on the facebook event or even shoot one of the council members a message just to let us know you're coming.  :mrgreen:


Amanda M
Amanda R
Andy Jackman
Chandre's friend (?)
Kelly F
Matt Castle
Nick Modarelli
Sara W.

Non-YETI Social Gatherings / Tokyo Orientation meetups
« on: July 12, 2012, 10:45:56 AM »
Hey! Let's go hang out with the jetlagged newbie JETs during their Tokyo Orientation. I'd like to get a group together for both orientation A and B and take them out to dinner and karaoke and whatever. Not sure about the actual plan yet, but we can finalize stuff later :)

I'm willing to organize capsule hotels or anything for whoever would like it. Please let me know if you're coming!

time TBA

Emily Schneider
Kelly (kelloggs)

Conor (?)
Nick Marchlewski (?)

Elementary School / Verb flashcards
« on: July 02, 2012, 02:11:07 PM »
Does anyone have any flashcards for verbs that they like and they'd want to share?

I was thinking about using MES, but I don't really like pictures. And I don't want to have to draw my own cause I'm lazy and I suck at drawing, but I will if I have to I guess.

On that note, what are peoples' favorite sites for flashcards?

Events Archive / Sayonara Party 2012!!!
« on: June 20, 2012, 03:50:24 PM »
You know we like to keep you on your toes. At long last, it's the details for...

What: The most happening party of the year.
Who: You!
Where: KEEP in Kiyosato
When: Sunday, July 15th from 6pm-Monday, July 16th
How much: Prices are preliminary and may increase by up to 500 yen (or decrease by an unknown amount!!). Anyone who RSVPs but cancels AFTER the RSVP-By date--or just doesn't show up--will still be responsible for the price regardless of attendance. Terra will hunt you down and make you pay.  Returning YETI members who lack the monetary motivation to honor an RSVP will be hunted down and shamed in other (possibly even more painful) ways.

Non-YETI Members
-Entrance: 1500
-Entrance+Lodging: 5500

Non-YETI Members (Returners)
-Entrance: 0
-Entrance+Lodging: 4000

YETI Members
-Entrance: 1500
-Entrance+Lodging: 5000

YETI Members (Returners)
-Entrance: 0
-Entrance+Lodging: 0!

In your RSVP, please indicate which category you fall under.
Please also say whether you would like to stay the night or not.

Also, staying the night is not required! Please come stop by anyway!

***DETAILS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE (but they probably won't change very much).

This year's theme is....

The world has ended, but it's still open for interpretation. Dress up in your own idea of what the post apocalypse will look like.  Mad Max, Fallout, Zombie apocalypse ala 28 Days Later, etc all apply here.  If you just want to come in some ripped up clothes claiming to have crawled out of a collapsed train station in Kofu, that's cool too.  Or if you want to try out steampunk by showing a developed world after the big ruin, totally acceptable as well.
There will be a game, but don't worry, no preparation is needed on your part.  Just bring your own costumes, food and drinks and plan on having a good time.

As stated, YETI will be providing some drinks and food, but please be sure to bring your own as well!

By train: Take the chuo line to Kobuchisawa station and change to the Koumi line there.  Go up three  stops to Kiyosato station.  Someone will be available to pick you up from the station, it's a short 5 min drive from there.
By car: APPROXIMATE location on google maps

If you know the location of Seisenryo (part of KEEP in Kiyosato), go there. Directly across from the seisenryo building, you will see a large parking lot on your left.  At the north corner of the parking lot (closer to you, if going downhill) is a green payphone.  There is a very small road directly before this payphone. (If you are driving uphill, turn directly after the payphone and the parking lot.)  Turn onto that road. There will be signs to direct you further, but eventually you will come to a clearing with BIG red roofed cabins, drive the small road around these until you come to an area big enough to park quite  a few cars in.  PICTURES AND MORE DETAILED DIRECTIONS ARE ATTACHED TO THIS POST

Accommodations: Futons, pillows and blankets are provided.   Cabins are divided into two tatami rooms, each room can hold maybe 8 people?  There are two bathrooms in each cabin which are fairly nice.  There are also bathrooms located outside the event space which are of a lesser quality.  Many people can attest to the fact that the cabins are really quite nice, though the event space is a bit rougher.

RSVP list:
1. Beth (YM, returner, lodging)
2. Brian (NYM, lodging)
3. Brittany (YM, lodging)
4. Carlos (YM, lodging)
5. Christina (YM, lodging)
6. Claire (YM, returner, lodging)
7. Coleman (YM, lodging)
8. Conor (YM, lodging)
9. Elliott (NYM, returner, lodging)
10. Em (YM, returner, lodging)
11. Emi (NYM, lodging)
12. Erik (YM, returner, lodging)
13. Fred (YM)
14. Hang (NYM, lodging)
15. Jeff (YM, returner)
16. Jen (NYM, lodging)
17. Joe (NYM, lodging??? (1))
18. Josiah (YM, lodging)
19. Kelsey (YM, returner, lodging)
20. Kwame (YM, returner, lodging)
21. Lana (NYM, returner, lodging)
22. Matt Castle (YM, lodging)
23. Matt Clough (YM, returner, lodging)
24. Matt DiPietro (NYM, lodging)
25. Matt Mikuni (YM, lodging)
26. Mershon (NYM, returner, lodging)
27. Mig (YM, returner, lodging)
28. Miki (YM, returner, lodging)
29. Nick B (YM, returner, lodging)
30. Nick Marchkjsdkajdkasjski (YM, lodging)
31. Nick Modarelli (NYM)
32. Sachiko (NYM)
33. Sarah (YM, lodging)
34. Steven (NYM)
35. Terra (YM, lodging)
36. Tiffany (YM, returner, lodging)
37. Tom (NYM, lodging)
38. Wade (NYM)
39. Yusuke (NYM, lodging)

UPDATE!!Due to space limitations, we are capping the number of lodgers at 30 until we have more information about the venue. Please feel free to continue RSVPing, but keep in mind that you may not be guaranteed a lodging reservation. Contact a council member if you want more information.  Just so there's no confusion, we have already reached the 30 person mark for people who want to stay the night.

This has no effect on those who have already put in their RSVP!

Elementary School / Mario Kart game!
« on: June 04, 2012, 11:39:09 AM »
I think I read something online once about using a mario kart game to do a point game/race type thing, but I could never find it again so I just made up something on my own. My kids really like it, and I told Jen about it and she used it and her kids really liked it, so I figured I'd post it here for everyone to be able to use!

First, I made cards that have the characters for each team, 4 item boxes, and some items that I just keep in an envelope. I put magnets on the back of the characters and item boxes so I can stick them on the board. I just google image searched characters, but I think the pictures I used were from Mario Kart wiki or something.

The characters I use are Mario, Luigi, Bowser (Koopa), Toad (Kinoppio), Yoshi, and Peach.

I have the kids get into han groups (or just make 6 groups). Then I have a representative from each group come up and they decide an order to pick out which character they want. Peach always ends up getting picked last :(

I draw a track on the board that usually has 16-18 spaces and then I put the item boxes wherever I feel like.

Then, I have each team roll a die as kind of a starting roll. From then on, I have one kid from each team stand up and I ask a question, and whoever raises their hand first gets to answer. If they get the answer right, they get to roll the die and move forward that many spaces on the board.

If they land on an item box, they get to pick an item! I have a bunch of different items but the kids wanted more haha. I kind of cut them out to fit the shape of the item but I think I'm gonna cut them all in squares next time, so the kids can't pick by shape. The banana is kinda small so it never gets picked. Anyways, here's the items I use:

Banana - team in front of you moves back 1 space
Green shell - roll a die. if 1-3 nothing happens, if 4-6, team in front of you moves back 3
Red shell - team in front of you moves back 3
Bullet - move forward 6
Blue shell - the team in 1st place moves back 6
Mushroom - next roll for your team is double
Star - next roll for your team is double PLUS other items will not affect you until your next turn.

But of course, you can make up your own rules or different items as you see fit.

You can play this game for as long of a time as you want. Or use it for anything. The first time I used it, I just showed them cards and had them say what was on the card. The next time I was teaching numbers, so I had a small whiteboard that I wrote numbers on and then flipped over and they had to say the number.

Since it's a team game I let other members of the team help them out (cause I think my kids get tired of always having to think of answers on their own, like with most of the other games I play haha).

But this game is easily modifiable, and it's really fun! If you have any questions about mechanics or if I didn't explain it very well, feel free to ask! :D

Events Archive / YETI Sayonara Party 2012 - Save the Date
« on: May 31, 2012, 09:43:09 AM »
Hey all,

So details haven't been planned yet, but if you want to attend Sayonara Party, this year's date is...

Sunday, July 15!

More details will be posted once we start planning, but write the date in your calendars!  ^-^

YETI Announcements / YETI twitter!
« on: May 28, 2012, 05:04:32 PM »
Hi everyone!

Do you use twitter? Do you want to keep current on events, news, and announcements from the YETI team? Well now, you can do both at the same time! Woohoo!

Feel free to add @YETICouncil on Twitter! (tweets will also be posted on the fb page as well.)   8-)!/YETICouncil

Events Archive / YETI undoukai 2012!
« on: May 02, 2012, 09:57:17 AM »
Hey there YETIzens! Are you ready for the first event from your newly appointed Ovarian CouncilTM? It's time for the.......

2012 YETI Undoukai!!!!!!

When: Saturday, June 2nd (rain day: Sunday, June 3rd)
Time: 10am-3pm
Where: Manriki Park, Yamanashishi (a short walk from Yamanashishi station). Just turn left after you exit the station, walk down the street and over the bridge, and it'll be on your right. The google maps location is here: 35.687477, 138.678518. There will be places to park, but space is limited so if it's possible for you to train, please try to do so!  ^-^
Cost: 300yen YETI members/500yen non-YETI members
Details: Bring your fighting spirit! We'll have a number of teams fighting against each other for eternal glory and some average really awesome prizes!

Events may include but are not limited to:
-a relay race
-water balloon throwing
-jump rope

and MORE!

Please arrive at Manriki Park by 9:50 dressed in your athletic gear so we can get everyone ready to play! Also, remember to bring a lunch with you, as we'll be having a picnic lunch on the grass from around 12-1. Spectators are welcome to come and watch us make fools of ourselves, I mean, compete magnificently! Judges will also be needed, so if you'd like to be a judge, please indicate so in your RSVP. But there are a limited number of spots, so let us know early!

Last but also very important...

Please RSVP by Wednesday, May 30!!!
This is so that we can make teams and buy prizes accordingly. Late RSVPers will not be guaranteed a spot on a team.

See you there!!  8-)


RSVP list~

Jack (Sunday)
Lisa (Sunday)
DiPietro's friend
Wade (Sunday)

Elementary School / Special needs classes
« on: November 18, 2011, 10:38:38 AM »
Hi guys!

My school just told me that next week I'm going to have a lesson with the special needs classes. It's 7 students all together varying from grades... 2 to 6 I think. They're normally present in my regular English lessons for their grade but their skill levels are definitely different. I've never taught special needs by itself before so I thought I'd ask for your advice and experience.

Also curious to what kind of topics would be good for such a wide range of grades.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!! :)

General Stuff / Yamanashi mascot!
« on: June 22, 2011, 07:46:34 AM »
I was reading through a thread on ITIL and they were posting pictures of their prefectural mascots, which got me wondering whether Yamanashi had one or not.

After a bit of googling I found this guy: Takeda Hishimaru!!
I must say that he is super cute.

So does anyone know what he does or what his purpose is? Has anyone ever seen this character in person? Other google images show a life-size Hishimaru. Is it possible to meet him? :)

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