Author Topic: 500円 All you can drink in Fujiyoshida  (Read 741 times)

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Well, being as I went to a beer festival in Tokyo last weekend, and ended up throwing down $200 on $10 beers for me and my girl (plus dinners) I personally would prefer a cheaper alternative.

Alas, I have found one here in our very own Yamanashi.

At the foot of mt. fuji there is a little place called Sylvans.

Straight up rte. 707 from the Kawaguchiko station, towards the Fuji Subaru Line. this place is offering 500円 nomihoudai!  I have confirmed this with people who have gone and the itself.   So from 5:30pm until 9:30 pm its all you can drink, for the price of a single beer at a modestly priced ramen resturant.

The catch gotta get there somehow, its only happening from 5/30 until this sunday 6/7, the place will sure to be packed, and they are not taking reservations this week...but I thought the people of the forum might be interested to know about this deal (especially the fujiyoshida area folks.)  Oh and by the way, if anyone has a car with an extra seat or two planning on going I would love a ride. :-D

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