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Halloween lesson plan
« on: October 18, 2006, 01:17:43 PM »
Here is my 2006 Halloween activity for use with sanense in Jr. high school. (see attachment)
A Halloween bingo game was also used as a warm-up. This is not included in the attachment.

At first glance you will notice that it is a simple fill-in the blanks lesson, but there are other things in there too.

Additional parts of the lesson are as follows:
Contained in the story are boldfaced words that will be used for a dictionary game. (Note that they did not stand out very clearly when printed and you might want to do something moer to make them stand-out better.)

Afer the fill-in the blanks section, the teacher indicates one of these words and the students have to look up the words in their dictionaries. The first one to find it gets a ticket. This allowed me to use a fair amount of words in the passage that they are not taught in their books.

You will also notice that there are parts in boxes and followed by an underline. This indicates the grammar points that the students are currently learning.

There are two sections to the fill-in the blanks. I usually do the first one, check answers, then if there is time, move on to the second. This breaks things up a bit and keeps the class from getting bored. It also allows the teachers to guage the amount of time and prevent the class from going too long.

Be sure to let the students answer the questions and give them tickets.

I also made it a point to bring in some of my costumes and let the students try them on.

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