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Common Interests
« on: March 01, 2007, 03:07:03 PM »
This worked really well with my elementary and it would also work in JHS I am sure. A few modifications and it's pretty useful (I think) I'll break it down from what I did for each grade

You will need a set of cards (prined on one side) for every 4 students.

First of all, I started with the usual greeting but asked them a few questions they didn't know to build a bridge to this activity.

3 nen
I just used the cards and played karuta. I gave them the Japanese cards and asked the questions in English. I gave them hints as I went. It took 45 minutes for them to learn all 8 of them. Next week I will use the soldiers and ninjas game to reinforce/practise.

4 nen
I started with the rows game and had them translate the sentences for me. They already knew/could guess a few. Then I did karuta but wrote the hints in English on the board. (just key words) Then I had them match the English Japanese cards on their desks to make sure they understood. After that I had them play concentration They had to match the English sentences with the Japanese. It was challenging but sometimes they like a challenge. Next week I will probably practise with soldiers and ninjas as well.

5 and 6nen
After the greeting and the matching and concentration, we played karuta with all the cards. Then I gave them the worksheet and they filled it in (their own answer. After they were finished, I had them ask other students the same questions (drill the questions a bit first) If their answer matches the one the other student wrote, put a O, if not, put an X - Then count up the totals. Kids can find out who has more common interests etc. etc.

Follow Up
If would be very easy to turn this into a template for writing a short self introduction. It doesn't take more than a few classes for them to learn to say:
Hello. My name is ________. I am in grade _________ I live in _______ etc. etc.

This would probably work well in JHS too. I see my elementary kids a lot so their English is pretty good. It might take 2 classes to teach this material if they haven't been exposed to it.

I hope you can get some use from it.
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