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I had a dream last night...
« on: July 04, 2007, 10:03:02 PM »
Here is a fun art-based english lesson that is great with students in both junior high and highschool. It is a variation of an older lesson I did (you can adapt this lesson so that students may draw other last variation involved drawing mt. fuji and a city).

Hand out a blank piece of paper to every student.

Then say:

"I had a dream last night. I will tell you about my dream and I want you to draw a picture of it."

"I saw a man sitting on an island. The ocean was all around the island.On the island there was a palm tree. On the palm tree were many coconuts. Also on the island was an amimal. I don't remember what kind of animal. Draw any animal you like. On the left side of the island there were many sharks swimming in the ocean. On the right side of the island there was a boat in the ocean. Flying on the boat was a flag. It was a country's flag, but I don't remember what country. Draw a flag from any country you like. On the boat was a woman. This woman was yelling something to the man. Draw the woman yelling something in English to the man. The man on the island didn't hear the woman because he was thinking something. In English, write what the man was thinking. Above the island, to the right, there were many UFO's/space ships in the sky. Above the island, on the left, there was sun. I remember, the sun had a face with a mouth and eyes. Now, if you were in my dream, where would you be? Draw yourself somewhere in my dream".

Next, I asked the students to turn over their paper

On the back side I asked them to answer the following questions (they can answer in complete sentences, depending on their level.)

1. How many coconuts are in the palm tree?
2. What kind of animal is on the island?
3. What is the lady yelling to the man?
4. What is the man thinking?
5. How many sharks are in the ocean?
6. What country's flag is flying on the boat?
7. How many UFO's are in the sky?

 Turn your paper over and write a title for the dream on the top of the picture. Now, turn your paper back over and continue answering the questions...

8. What is the sun feeling?
9. where are you in the picture?
10. Will the woman rescue the man? (yes/no)

Here are some more questions for advanced students...

Why is the man on the island?
Where is the lady going on the boat?
What will the aliens do?
How will the dream end?

When students are finished writing the questions. Use a class list and randomly ask students what they wrote as answers to their questions. For some questions I also just asked the class as a whole to raise their hands if they had a specific answer (eg. "who has a Japanese flag on their boat?"/"Whose sun is felling happy?" etc). If there was  a couple minutes left, I circulated the room and looked at/commented on the great drawings the students made.

If you are really selfish you can take all their drawings and keep them for yourself (or make a youtube video out of them, like I did for my old lesson :P ) or you can just let them keep them.

The students really enjoyed making kawaii drawings or really scary dream scenes in the lesson. I liked how in this lesson the students were almost tricked into thinking they were just having fun, when really their listening skills, comprehension skills, writing skills, and speaking skills were all being challanged.

good times.
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