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Music: put the lines in order- Stand By Me
« on: September 14, 2007, 11:04:09 AM »
I put this lesson together for a single 20 minute class. Sadly, I came in today and discovered that the class was cancelled for festival practice. So instead of letting this lesson go to waste, I'll share it. Please note that while the lesson format is tested and true, this particular one has not been used yet. However I've done this exact type of lesson with different songs enoguh that I am confidant that it would/will work.

Lesson: Musical line ordering- Stand By me


-Copy of the song "Stand by Me" (use the Ben E. King version. If you use others than you will have to redo
    the time indexes I prepared.) If you can't find a copy and your school uses Sunshine than you might
    have a crappy redo of it. (You'll have to redo the indexes)
-A CD player WITH a rewind feature AND a display that shows the seconds the track is playing.

set up:
-Take the print labeled "cut up copy" and cut out the lines between the double spaces.
-Then stuff them in an envelope. Repeat until you have an envelope for each group. (my school used to
    do lunch groups of approx. 6 students. Now they break them into groups of 4 and this seems to make
    groups activities smoother.)
-Make one copy of the lyrics sheet (the one with the times at the ond of each line) for each student.

Have the kids get into groups and distribute the envelopes. DO NOT give themt he lyric sheets.

Have them pour out the lines on their desk and explain that you will play a song line-by-line and they will have to put the lyrics in the correct order. Also tell them that you will repeat each line.

Play the song and stop and the space designated by the time index. Then go back to the previous index and play the line again.

The first group to get the correct line will be awarded 4 points. The second 3, the 4th gets 2 and so on. Keep score on the board.

The winning group at the end of the song will get tickets/ ALT dollars/ hanko stamps/ the souls of their classmates.

Notes and Advice:
-Please rember that I never actually got to test this lesson with this song!

-This lesson was designed for a 20 minute class. I was intending to skip a warm-up entirely, dive right in
  and pray that we had enough time. Class was cancelled and I never got to actually try this out though.
  With a warm-up you could probably stretch this to fit the whole class.

-GET TO KNOW YOUR CD PLAYER!  Each model player works a little differently and has different rewind
  speeds. The more familiar you are with your player, the smoother class will go! Many CD players do not
  have displays that show seconds. You will need this feature for the lesson to work. You might want to
  practice rewinding to the time index before classs.
  with the CD player that you will use.
  Some don't have rewind (sometimes called scan) functions. Without the ability to rewind, it will be
  very difficult to do this lesson!

-Some of the line breaks I chose are very short and it can be pretty hard to be exact on when rewinding.
  (especially with faster scanning players.) Don't worry, you don't need to be perfect sometimes it is
  better to start the song to a few seconds BEFORE the listed time. If need be, cue the kids as to where
  the new line will start.

-I used the computer's media player to make the time indexes. BUT some programs will resume
  from a pause a second or two BEFORE the place where you hit "pause." Some CD players might do this
  too. So the time indexes on the print might need to be calibrated a bit for the player you use.
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