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Spaghetti September 20th
« on: September 20, 2007, 05:38:19 PM »

When, oh when, will we be able to stop sweating eh? It’s getting boring now. Anyway, I promised to let you know about the football tournament last week so I’ll crack on. We played in a women’s a five-a-side outdoor futsal tournament. For those of you, like me, that have no clue what futsal is, please go here:

There were only three teams in our group: us, a group of what could easily have been Japanese boys and coincidentally Bex’s High School students. Luckily for Bex, we managed to beat Yamanashi High School, but when it came to playing the boys errrrr… I mean girls with short hair, we came a bit unstuck. We should have won really as the final result was only 1-0 due to an unfortunate late own goal. Such is life. But all was not lost as we were tied for first place in the group so we had to draw lots to see which team would progress to the next stage. We picked the wrong chopsticks so got stuck in the losers pool. We had two more matches and ended up playing Yamanashi High School again to see who was going to be crowned “king of the losers”; thankfully, I’m proud to say, it was us. A thoroughly enjoyable day all round. I even managed to save a few goals. Bring on Nagano!!

Oh and I don’t think I need to mention Sunday night at L-River. It was epic. Thanks for an excellent time people.

That’s it from me this week, enjoy another long weekend whatever you get up to.

YETI Elections: 1st year YETI Representative

And the nominees, in alphabetical order, are:

Jamie Avalos
I wanna do it!   
Ahem, if I were made 1st year representative for YETI, my first act would be to find a way to make YETI a paying position.  That said, I go to all the events anyway, spend a lot of my free-time at work on the forum, and am generally accessible if you call at a reasonable time of day. Uhhhh, beyond that, I'm a pretty good drinker if that helps. If I were elected, I would avoid excluding those not in Kofu from events, and also, although I love beer myself, I realize not everyone in Yamanashi is a drinker. I want more events, as I am partial to arranging get-togethers with or without YETI…Tokyo anyone?  Even if I were not elected, I'd still be doing what I do.  Vote as you please.

Dave Cahill
Hi, I'm Irish Dave, and I want to be your first year rep.
As Yamanashi-ken's foremost importer of craic, I feel I'm ideally positioned. Recently voted "Best. Dave. Ever!" by a panel of experts, I've been having a kickass time in izakayas, onsens, karaoke bars, kaiten-sushis and on ridiculously cold mountains, and the 1st year rep position would allow me to make sure that craic flows on freely and for all.
Oh. And I would have had the balls to not cancel Fuji. Vote Irish Dave - w00t!

AND …………

Jessiqa Greenblatt
Hiyo! Jessiqa Greenblatt (Qphelia) here and I'd like to put my name on the ballot for the position of first year YETI representative.  For those of you who don't know who I am, I delivered a speech to the vice-governor of Yamanashi during the welcoming ceremony for the new JET’s of the prefecture.  As such, I feel confident in saying that I know enough Japanese to get by.  I'm sure that my language skills will come in handy when trying to garner information on new events.  I've already found a few that will "deepen our involvement in internationalization at the grassroots level."  Other than a modest competence in Japanese, another quality I can bring to the table is my eagerness to become more involved.  I look forward to organizing gatherings and bringing people together.  I already have a few ideas that I'd like to bring to fruition, one of which is a Ghibli Museum trip.  I'd like to arrange this regardless of the election's outcome.  Excluding threats and bribes, this is all I have to offer in exchange for your votes.  Thanks for taking the time to read my blurb, and best of luck to the other candidates!

SO, there you have it people and now it’s time to get voting. Everyone can vote it’s not just for first year ALT’s! Please send me an email with your nomination to Voting will close at 4pm on Wednesday 26th September and I will announce the winner in next week’s Spaghetti.


"Furinkazan-ko 2007" 4th Annual Motosuko Lake Party
It was a shame that not many people could make it to this year’s party but I heard good times were still had by all. Thanks must go to Andy et al for putting it together! Otsukaresamadeshita.

Fujiyoshida Agricultural Fair – THIS WEEKEND!
It appears that the Fujiyoshida (I never know if it's supposed to be one word or two) Chamber of Commerce is holding an Agricultural Fair, also known as the 産業祭り (sangyou matsuri).  Unfortunately, it appears to be going on the same weekend as the Tokyo Gaming Convention.  I know most people will be attracted to the flashy lights of the big city, but I just thought I'd let people know about this local event, in case fresh produce is your thing.  Here are the details (translated from this site

Date:       9/22 (Sat.) - 9/23 (Sun.)
Location:  Mt. Fuji Arena (On the street adjacent to the train station)
Sponsor:   Fujiyoshida Chamber of Commerce

There are five different areas hosting five different events:
- Product Corner: featuring goods of this prefecture as well as Shizuoka
- Flavor of Fujiyoshida!: I think you can have a hands-on experience in udon preparation!
- Fujiyoshida Fabrics: 'nuff said
- The Future of Fujiyoshida: an exhibit put on by the elementary schoolers of the area
- Fujiyoshida Events: including fish-catching (mysteriously different than fishing), a fake shop corner (I think they're booths set up by eager festival-goers, but I honestly have no clue), a parent-child woodworking workshop, and more!
Jessiqa Greenblatt

Tokyo Game Show – THIS WEEKEND!!
One of the world's largest video game expos will be held near Tokyo at the end of the month and it only cost 1000 yen to get in!  The Tokyo Game Show will be open to the public Saturday Sept. 22nd and Sunday Sept. 23rd. Anyone wanna go?


*NEW* Volunteering in India over the winter break

My friend Emma requested that I help her organize a volunteer trip to India during this Winter Break. Kasia and I went last year and had an experience of a lifetime! Please read the following and if you’re interested you can check out the accompanying attachments for more information. Thanks for your time.
Marathon Mike

So…. you’re in Japan. But, have you thought about Christmas yet?

Fancy doing something totally different this year?

Why not come to India and help rebuild houses for a community of Dalits (commonly known as the ‘Untouchables’) who lost their homes in the 2004 Tsunami? From the 25th December - 3rd January 2008

HOWEVER: Even if you are unable to come, don’t think that there’s nothing you can do. You can always help fundraise!

To complete the houses, we need to raise: 30,300 USD!!!!

If you’re interested, contact Emma Parfey (in Saitama-ken) ASAP for more information, using ‘India Trip/Fundraising’ as the subject!

Go M.A.D in Thailand this Christmas
Do something AMAZING with your winter holiday and join us at Baan Unrak Primary School!
Baan Unrak, "House of Joy", is a primary school and children's home operated by the Ananda Marga yoga group. The school/orphanage is located in beautiful Sangkhlaburi town, Kanchanaburi province, in western Thailand. It is a small town close to the Myanmar border, about 8 hours by bus from Bangkok. Please look at their website to understand more, please check out their website
Activities may include:
•   a (non-religious-themed) Christmas party
•   Environmental Day and/or town clean-up
•   English teaching
•   Art classes
•   LOTS of playtime with kids
•   Amazing vegetarian meals
•   Trekking and elephant-riding opportunities
•   Or building/art/decoration/maintenance projects as needed.
We will set a schedule and determine what type of accommodation we want as a group!
•   20 JETs and non-JET volunteers. 
•   Tentative dates are December 22- 30, 2007
•   You will need to arrange your own flight to Bangkok (There is no visa requirement to enter Thailand.)   
•   Price will range from approximately 25,000-35,000 yen for the entire week (including round-trip van/bus transport to the site, lodging, all delicious vegetarian meals, and a small volunteer contribution fee to the home)
(All trip-goers are also expected to participate in Christmas Cards That Give fundraising campaign and/or woven goods sales before the trip.)
Official Sign-ups will begin September 20th!! 
Interested? Intrigued? Want more information?

Email me ( with:

1) Your name
2) Your prefecture or current location
3) Briefly why you're interested in the trip
4) How serious you are about being able to join this trip, and if you'll be participating with a friend/partner

Your fearless leaders, Kathryn Vigna and Sarah Ryer

English Teacher Wanted
People International Services, a small independently-run Australian English company located on Takeda Street near Yamanashi University, is seeking an enthusiastic teacher for students of all ages in a part-time position. We offer use of the company car for all business travel during working hours, a flexible schedule, a friendly Western office environment, and a competitive hourly rate for the right candidate.
We require a native English speaker in possession of a driver’s license and prior experience working with children in the educational environment. Conversational Japanese language ability is a plus. This position begins at the end of August, with the possibility of a full contract depending on workload.

Please email Paul at if you are interested in working with us.


Deal of the Century!!!
Hurry folks, for this once and a life time offer. Below, are a list of items I have to offer and I am willing to let the lot go for an earth shattering price of 12 man 円 ....
Wine rack.......once you have this item in your gaff you will be able to entertain guests like no other.
Toaster..... essential item in any Gaijin apartment
Corner cabinet.... for putting pretty things in
Desk & Chair........ for all your study needs
Inflatable bed....... for those fun camping trips in the Nash
Map of Japan...... always handy in case you get lost and that does happen a lot in Yamanashi
Microwave........ necessity unless you brought your mother along to Japan with you
Japanese Study books helpful aid for getting to know the locals
Christmas & lights....... it will be lonely this Christmas.............. without them.......
T.V.......u cant possibly live without tuning into Japanese TV
Tokyo guidebook for when you get bored of the Nash!
Rice cooker...for when you are sick of having microwave dinners
Bag of rice... to test out the rice cooker to make sure it works.......(Joke, of course it does or does it?)
And last and by no means least a snowboard, bindings and boots plus a 4 wheel drive car to take to that all important snow park.......
If interested in finding out the exact details, then email today, but don't delay or you'll pay... hey hey hey!
PS: If you bargain I might throw in a few more goodies to help you on your way!
If interested email me at  
Dell Trotter

Panasonic “SuperDrive” VCR
Condition: Used, but like new. Price: \4,000
Panasonic Digicam Camcorder
100X Digital Zoom. Excellent condition. Price: \7,000
Camping Tent
3-man, but very roomy (high enough to stand up in), comes with storage canopy. Very good condition. Price: \3,500
2-seat reclining sofa with pop-out foot rest.
Very good condition. Price: \15,000

Please contact Tomoka for more info at: or 080-5417-4468

House Share with Japanese Teacher of English
Amazing House share from August 21st with 30 year old Japanese high school teacher(male), fluent English speaker.
2-Story house, 2 bathrooms, *10 minutes from Kofu by train, bus or car/20 minutes by bicycle (near Kaisumiyoshi station).  The house is surrounded by two large gardens and has free parking.  You would have your own second story 8 tatami size bedroom w/closet as well as a private study on the first floor.  The other rooms *dining/living/kitchen we would share.  Shared utilities. Rent: 30,000 yen a month.
After one year, I will be moving to Australia, so the house (rented) could be yours to share with friends or family.
Contact Kazu on 080-5099-3913 if interested

Reddish Maroon Subaru Vivio
Peppy little yellow plate with some nicks and scrapes. 
Runs great and just had shaken paid through April of 2009.  Get around Yamanshi while saving money on gas.
6.9 man or OBO
Contact Jason Coneby at for details or call 080-5468-6923

Car For Sale
1995 Mitsubishi Gallant Sport, 2Litre Twin turbo, 5 speed manual, Navy, Hatchback-so large trunk, 4 Wheel Drive, 85000kms, 6 disc CD player, Air conditioning, Set of snow wheels included, Shaken until March 08, Regularly serviced, Driver’s electric window not working, other than that, in perfect condition. 60,000yen.


--Website of the Weak--   

Yesterday I somehow forgot it was International Talk Like A Pirate Day, so here is a site dedicated to helping you out with all things pertaining to skullduggery :evil: and the high seas:

It offers tips on pirate party ideas, pirate chat-up lines and - bizarrely - how to speak like a pirate in German.

Pirate joke
So, a pirate walks into a bar. Looks like the quintessential pirate -- peg leg, hook on one hand, eye patch, the whole nine yards. In addition to all this, he's got a steering wheel hanging from the fly of his pants.
He walks up to the bar, and orders a whiskey. The bartender pours the pirate a glass, and says to him "I don't want to offend, but I thought you should know -- you've got a steering wheel attached to your fly." The pirate nods his head, and says:
"Arrrgh, I know. And it's driving me nuts."  :roll:

OK I’ll stop now.  :-X


Grass found growing on baby's lung
Chinese surgeons who operated on a baby girl with breathing problems were amazed to find grass growing on her lung.
The 10-month baby girl, from Zhoukou city, was initially diagnosed with pneumonia but the symptoms didn't improve after several days of treatment.
"So we took the baby to another hospital in the capital city," the father, surnamed Han, told the Dahe Daily newspaper.
At the 3rd affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, the baby was diagnosed with pyopneumothorax, a rare complication of pneumonia, but again the symptoms remained despite treatment.
Finally, doctors decided to perform open-chest surgery.
"We were surprised to find a 3cm piece of grass growing on the baby's right lung," said chief surgeon Li Qun.
Doctors removed the grass, and the baby is now recovering. The parents say the grass is the same type as in their yard at home where the little girl often plays.
Doctors says it's possible grass seed was blown into the baby's nose and through her respiratory system to the lung and found suitable growing conditions there. But they've never seen such a thing before.

Glued to the telly
A Romanian man has become known as the Human Magnet because things stick to him like glue.
Hospital worker Aurel Raileanu can even make a 50lb TV set cling to his chest, reports The Sun.
Aurel, who lives in a run-down area of the Romanian capital Bucharest, is building a career on his strange abilities.
He works as a kineto-therapist - using the healing qualities of his powers to help people recover from accidents.
The 40-year-old bachelor, who lives with his mum, doesn't even know how it works. He says he just focuses his mind on something, releasing a feeling of magnetic attraction that makes even the heaviest object stick to him.
Aurel said: "I tend to keep it secret from people in my home town because I am afraid of being branded a freak in their eyes.
"I might have had a sort of magnetism since I was a child, but it wasn't until about six years ago that I realised the objects would stay as if glued on to me.
"At the time I was wearing a fairly heavy necklace and the clasp broke. I saw it in the mirror - it was open and yet still stuck to my neck.
"I became curious about this and tried it with other objects - spoons, books, lighters and even the TV set, which is kind of heavy. They all stuck to me."

Manilow forced on noisy neighbours - I LOVE this man!
A US judge is punishing noisy neighbours - by forcing them to listen to Barry Manilow.
Also on Judge Paul Sacco's punishment playlist are The Carpenters, Dolly Parton and Barney The Purple Dinosaur.
Offenders who break the noise laws in the Colorado city of Fort Lupton have to listen to the music - loud - for one hour.
Judge Sacco explained: "When you have a person playing rap at extreme volumes all over the city, and they have to sit down and listen for an hour to Barry Manilow, it's a horrible punishment."
One offender, Luis Cano, told TV station CBS4 that "at about 20 minutes into it, I was trying not to fall asleep".
Judge Sacco says offenders who go through the Manilow procedure, which takes place about four times a year, rarely re-offend.
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