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Phonics: Animal names
« on: October 10, 2007, 03:09:10 PM »
I have been teaching my special ed kids phonics for a few weeks now. The kids are getting good at pronouncing but we hadn't done anything for listening until this worksheet. Here is sometihng I just did. It is quick and simple.

This lesson will go over better if you have already taught them some phonics.

1. Go over the short vowel sounds ("a" as in apple, "e" as in egg, "i" as in iguana etc.) and any consonants you think they might need a brushing up on.

2. Have the kids repeat the names of the animials (they probably already know most of them by now.)

3. Sound-by-sound, slowly say the first animal in part II. Emphasize the missing sound (Octopus) repeat until a number of students have written a correct answer.

4. Go over the answer and/or move on to the next animal (depending on your style and the mood of the class.)
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