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Yeti Spaghetti July 19th 2011
« on: July 19, 2011, 10:44:19 AM »
Good Morning Yetizens!
I hope you had a great 3 day weekend! How did you spend your Marine Day?
I'm counting down the days til summer vacation, and I'm sure I am not the only one!
A big welcome to the new JET ALTs who are almost here!
On to the news!
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---------------YETI and AJET News--------------
Tokyo Orientation Meet Ups July 26th & August 2nd
<<A Message from Conor, your YETI President>>
Hey all,
I know a lot of people are off or soon to leave for summer vacation, but I know a proud (and soon to be very bored) few of us are hanging around in the area for the summer. The upside to this is, we get a chance to meet the new JETs when they come in to Tokyo!
As in years past, let's have an informal "welcome to Japan and our esteemed prefecture" dinner the last night of orientation in Tokyo. This will be Tuesday July 26th for Group A, and Tuesday August 2nd for Group B. Mig and I will handle reservations (although if there are any recommendations for places close by the Keio Plaza, by all means speak up) (no Royal Host, please), so all you need to do is show up and arrange lodging for yourself if you intend to stay the night in Tokyo. Which you should. Please post here if you're interested so we can gauge how many people to make a reservation for. Try to get RSVPs in by the day before so Mig and I know what we're working with.
NEWBIES- Tokyo Orientation may be a jet-lagged blur for you (more like JET-lagged, amirite???) and non-Americans may have an embassy dinner on that Tuesday night, but if you'd like to come out and meet some of your future neighbors, we'd love to meet you too! Going out to dinner with the veteran JETs was arguably the... most useful part of TO for me, to be polite. It will obviously be difficult for you to confirm attendance until you're in Tokyo, at which point internet access is limited, but keep Tuesday night in mind as a chance to meet us for dinner and maybe go out afterwards for a little bit of karaoke or something. We'll be sure to get word to you about what time and where in the hotel to meet us. And tell the other Yamanashi JETs! Not everyone is enlightened and adventurous enough to have discovered the forum already   
Forum Thread:
TEFL Grants for JET Participants
CLAIR will be providing partial grants to selected JET participants who wish to improve their English teaching skills by obtaining online certification for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). CLAIR is now accepting applications for this grant. Please see the details below.
If you are interested, please carefully read the attached guidelines, fill in the application form and submit it to your supervisor at your contracting organisation no later than 22 July 2011.
Eligibility Criteria
1) Current JET Programme participants whose main duties are to assist in language teaching
2) Who are scheduled for reappointment in 2011-2012
1) For certification of 100 hours or more.
2) Online.
3) Start after grant approval and be completed before mid-January.
Number of Grants
Grants of up to 15,000 Yen will be given to 100 eligible applicants upon completion of a course that meets the aforementioned criteria.
If the number of eligible applicants exceeds 100, successful applicants will be selected by CLAIR.
Application Procedures
Eligible JET Programme participants must complete the Grant Application Form (Form 1) and submit it to their supervisor at their contracting organisation.
Download the TEFL Grant Application Pack (link to zip file)
Supervisors will review application forms, complete the fields pertaining to contracting organisations and then submit application forms to CLAIR.
Application Deadline
Eligible JET Programme participants must submit their application to their contracting organisations by Friday, 22 July 2011.
* Applications submitted directly to CLAIR will not be accepted.
Notification of Selection
All applicants will be notified of the results of selection in mid-August
Please direct questions to your supervisor, the JETLINE (03-5213-1729, from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 until 17:45) or JETMAIL ( with “TEFL Certification Grant” in the subject line.
 --------------Events/Opportunities In and Around Yamanashi---------
Summer Sumo Tournament in Nagoya  until July 24th
Sun. July 10th, 2011 – Sun. July 24th, 2011
Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium – Nagoya
Tickets now on sale!
Advanced ticket purchases are made through The Telephone Reservation Service, Ticket Ozumo English, the sponsor’s online ticket service (The Chunichi Shimbun Homepage) or through Ticket Pia.
* Advanced ticket purchases can be made at the venue. (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM)
Ticket info:
Ticket Service:
Akeno Sunflower Festival July 25- August 25 2011
A sea of 860,000 sunflowers blossom at different time of the summer that is enclosed on all sides by the Southern Alps, Mt. Yatsugatake, Mt. Fuji, Mt. Kayagatake, and other mountains in sun-drenched Akeno Town, which gets the longest hours of sunlight in Japan. Visitors are able to enjoy a long sunflower season during summer months. Other festive events include photo contests, photo sessions with models, and outdoor markets from 8am to 6pm.
Location: Sunflower field by Akeno Fureai Sun Building
Access: A 20-minute drive from JR Nirasaki Station
More info and maps (in Japanese):
Hipster Animals:
What if your animal friends were all secretly hipsters? Now can you figure out what type of hipster they are from the numerous subspecies of hipstericus animalia, and tell your friends that you knew them before they hit it big and sold out to the man.
New Dress ADay:
Tired of your wardrobe and need a change? Instead of running to the nearest Uniqlo, why not take a look at the clothes you have and make new outfits from the old? New Dress A Day does just that using $1 or less thriftstore finds and basic sewing skills.