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Yeti Spaghetti January 23rd 2012
« on: January 23, 2012, 02:35:03 PM »
Hi Yetizens!

I hope you all had a great weekend! For those of you who went on the YETI Ski Trip, I hope you had a great time on the mountain :)

Happy Chinese New Year!
On to the news!
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 --------------Events/Opportunities In and Around Yamanashi---------
Fireworks at Kawaguchiko until February 19th
Every Saturday and Sunday night at 8pm, there will be a fireworks show at Oike Park until February 19th.
More info and how to get there (in English):
All you can eat strawberry picking
While it may seem strange that strawberries are a winter fruit, now is the time to go strawberry picking. In Yamanashi, instead of picking strawberries to take home, you pay a fee and then have 30 minutes to eat as many strawberries as you can pick from the farm :) Depending on the time of year, 30 minutes will run you from 1000yen to 1800yen.
For more info and maps (in Japanese):
Setsubun Festival in Kofu on February 3rd
Throw some beans at some oni、eat some festival food and watch as Japanese parents make their kids cry on Setsubun.
Head to Kofu 4 chome in the evening to join the festivities.
More info (in Japanese):
If you ever wonder how much gold is actually in a bottle of Goldschlager or how to make a QR code costume for next Halloween, Cockeyed is for you!
I love this tumblr when I need some hipster flavored inspiration. Surprisingly less cat content than would be expected.