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Yeti Spaghetti March 22nd, 2013
« on: March 22, 2013, 05:09:03 PM »
March is a bitter sweet time as we have to see some of our coworkers and friends go and yet the weather is getting to be quite nice.  Cherry blossoms have already started and will end soon in many parts of Kofu but I am happy to report that they haven't yet even started in Hokuto (due to the cooler temperature) and so you have some extra time to enjoy them here.

YETI and AJET news

----Nominate the new YETI council!----

It's that time of year again!  Nominations are now open until April 1st, 2013.  If you know of someone you would like to see run next year's council, please consider nominating them!  Nominations will be accepted for three council positions.
President (Brittany's job)- The president's job is to oversee things and help with a little bit of everything.  They are the main person in charge and typically assign duties as needed throughout the year.
Secretary (Sarah's job)- Main role is to write the Yeti Spaghetti but is also responsible for the distribution of information coming from outside of yeti (e.g, AJET)
Treasurer (Terra's job)- Collecting money at events, keeping and balancing the accounts and generally determining the budget and price for each event.

We also have many different responsibilities that we try to split evenly.  However, it will be up to the new counil on how they would like to divide responsibility.
**Nomination and subsequent voting are open to ALL ALTs and CIRs in Yamanashi.**
All nominees can accept or decline their nominations but must do so by April 1st.
There are many ways to nominate someone (or yourself!)
1. The forum thread directly below this one.
2. By PMing me.
3.By contacting the Yeti Council on facebook!
You do not have to be member of the forum but you must be a current ALT or CIR in Yamanashi to nominate or vote.
----AJET Tokyo Disney Day----
This event is open to EVERYONE, not just JETs!
Wanna go to Disneyland or DisneySEA?  Join AJET's Disney Day!  Since you will be joining a large group, you are entitled to the group discount rate. Adult tickets will be 5600yen but you MUST reserve the ticket via a special form posted on the facebook event page!  You must also choose which park you would like to go to (Disneyland or Disneysea), there will be groups going to both parks.
Date: April 20th, 2013
Time: Meeting anytime between 7:30 am and 3:00pm
Location: Meeting at Maihama Station
More information (and how to get your tickets!):

----New AJET eConnect and New Proposed AJET Constitution----
The new issue of AJET eConnect can be found here!:

Also, AJET is proposing a new Constitution.  You are able to review the changes and compare both the new and current constitutions.  If you have any objections, the page also details how to do so but you must submit them by April 1st.  :

Events around Yamanashi

----Shingen-Ko Festival----
Information taken from the English version of Yamanashi Kankou, written by our CIRs.
Every year, the Shingen-ko Festival celebrates the legacy of Yamanashi’s famous warlord, Takeda Shingen, with the roars of samurai and folkspeople, delicious food and materials at stands around the station and the castle park with cherry blossoms in full bloom, and a variety of stage shows and performances!

This year’s festival will be held from April 5th to 7th. The main highlight is the Koshu Battalion Deployment, which is Japan’s No.1 largest reenactment of warriors. Around 1,500 locals dress in traditional samurai costumes and commence on a march around Kofu.

This year’s deployment will be led by the famous actor Ken Matsudaira as Takeda Shingen and Kota Masago as Yamamoto Kasuke. After a deployment ceremony and sake ritual, Takeda Shingen, bathed in torchlight and surrounded by his 24 generals, leads his army along the streets of Kofu. The Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan banner, representing a philosophy Shingen adopted from Sun Tzu’s Art of War, is flown from one end of the prefecture to the other.

Do not miss out the excitement of Yamanashi’s greatest festival!

Date: April 5-7
Time: Many events happening on each of the three days, the Koshu Battalion portion of the parade will begin around 5:30.
Location: Around Kofu Station
For more information and full event schedule in English please take a look here:

----Oboushi Sakura Festival----

This is Fujikawa/Minami Alp's version of the sakura matsuri.  Of course, there is plenty of space to spread out your picnic sheet and have your own hanami.  There will also be a light up for the night time starting around 7pm each night.
Date: March 30th~ April 7th (website warns that dates may be changed due to early blooming of sakura.  As of March 22nd, these were the dates).
Time: Each day until 10 pm
Location:富士川町鰍沢2175 大法師公園さくら祭り会場, Oboshi Park, Fujikawa-cho, Kajikazawa 2175
Parking is available for 400 cars.  Regular cars will cost 500yen, Motorbikes, 100yen
Map and more information here:

----Otsuki Sakura Festival----

An almost idential event to the Oboushi festival but this one is located in Otsuki!  This one is walkable from a station though it takes roughly 30 minutes. This festival will also have a light up until 10pm each day.
Date: March 30th~ April 7th (April 6th, you may get some presents for being an early comer! on April 14th, there will be some performances at the Oiseyama location)
Time: Each day until 10pm.
Location:  大月市大月町真木 Otsuki City, Otsuki-cho, Magi
at both
-桜三千本「真木お伊勢山」 Sakura San Sen Hon, Magi Oiseyama
-関東三名城「岩殿山」 Kanto San Meijyo, Iwatonosan
Map and more information here:

Events in and around Tokyo

----2013 Tokyo Yamathon----

Fred is organizing teams for this event so please read what he has to say:

Have you ever been to Tokyo? Have you ever ridden the Yamanote line? Are you interested in seeing the city in a whole new way? Here is your chance! The International Volunteer Group Japan (IVG) is having its fourth annual Yamathon on April 20th, 2013 to raise money for Oxfam, an international relief organization that will use the proceeds to help those living in poverty around the world.

What does it involve? Instead of riding the Yamanote line, teams of 3-4 people walk the entire length of it taking photos at each station with the goal of finishing together in under 12 hours.

The Yamathon is only as strenuous (and as fun!) as you want it to be. It is like taking a decent walk for up to 12 hours. It is possible to run it as well, but you finish as a team, so the last member sets your overall time. Aside from random acts from Mother Nature like typhoons, the biggest challenges are blisters and strained muscles, but more information and advice about preventing this will be posted later. As teams walk around Tokyo, you are never far from a combini or a toilet stop should any needs arise.

I will be dealing with the registrations, fees, teams, hotel bookings, and any other logistical questions/concerns if you have any. Once fees are paid, however, it will be too late to pull out financially. I can also help if you want to invite your friends and make your own team too.

When: Saturday 20th April 2013
Meeting Time: 06:15
Starting time: 07:00
Meeting point: At the entrance of Yoyogi Park (2 mins walk from Harajuku Station)
Team Registration Fee: 8,000 yen per team
*100% of your team fee will be donated to Oxfam Japan*

More information:


----Roppongi Zombie Walk----

And here I thought Zombie Walks were mostly limited to around Halloween.  Much like some Oktoberfests in Tokyo, this festival is in March.
If you would like to participate, you are required to sign up at Night Gallery Cafe Crow starting from 1pm.  Participation fee is 2000yen but that includes special zombie makeup, a zombie energy drink and admission to the Zombie Bar after party.
Date: March 31st
Time: Registration is at 1pm, Walk at 2pm and after party at the Zombie Bar is 3pm-9pm.
Location: Night Gallery Cafe Crow (a new minutes walk from Roppongi station)
Admission: 2000yen
Map and more information in English:

----Songkran Festival----

Songkran is the name for the Thai New Year Celebration which is April 13-17th, but it will be happening in Yoyogi Park this Saturday and Sunday.
There will be lots of stalls featuring Thai food and handicrafts.  There will also be a flea market and musical performances but they are of the Japanese variety.
Date: March 23rd~ March 24th
Time: 10am~8pm
Location: Yoyogi Park
Admission: Free
More information (scroll down until you see the Songkran ad.  Japanese only):

Fun Stuff/Useful Stuff


For those of you who are JETs, you have already received an email from Aimee concerning completing your home country tax return.  If you live in Japan, you are likely still obligated to file a tax return in your home country.  Unfortunately, I really only have knowledge about the US tax forms so I know this likely won't be helpful to those of you from other countries. 
Here are some important points regarding US tax returns:

-You get an AUTOMATIC extension simply living abroad.  This extension is until June 15th 2013.  You do not need to fill out additional paper work for this if you are a 2nd + year  ALT/CIR. If you are a 1st year ALT or have been in Japan less than one year, you will still need to fill out a formal extension to meet the physical prescence test.

-You will need to check with your state to see if you will ned to fill out a tax return for your home state. Most people are only required to fill out a federal return IF they have not worked in the US in the past year. (so, 1st year ALTs/CIRs who worked in the US before coming here, ignore this.)

-You have to file a US tax return even if you didn't make any money in the US last year.  Please don't listen to Uncle Joe/Aunt Sue/That person who has been doing your taxes for the past few years.  A lot of tax professionals are completely unaware of tax stipulations for civilians living abroad because they so rarely deal with them.

-You will need an income statement from your BOE.  You should have already received this but it is called 源泉徴収票 gensen choushuu hyou in Japanese.  If you did not receive this, contact your supervisor or BOE.

Kumamoto AJET has put together an excellent guide to help JETs do their taxes.  Guides are available for 1st years as well.  This guide can easily be used for people who are not JETs. Please look here before asking your PAs, supervisors or tax professionals for help. 
Most of the answers can be found here!:

---Fun/Useful Links----

Life After the BOE:
Written and illustrated by a former JET, this comic chronicles the joys and stresses of working as an ALT in Japan.  Though the comic is officially finished, you can go back and read the archives and it is sure to resonate with you.

How to send a Bank Transfer (振り込み furikomi) :

Just make sure you know the name of the Bank in kana and kanji before you begin. At Yamanashi Chuo ATMs, you will need to enter the first two kana and then choose the correct bank name from a list of kanji.
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