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YETI Spaghetti 07/23
« on: July 23, 2013, 04:10:34 PM »
 -Summer spaghetti means noodles on ice –

YETI Spaghetti? What’s that? Well let me tell you, it’s all about the anticipation.
Yukata, fireworks, kakigouri, the smell of mosquito killers  - yup, summer is here in all its fiery force and boy are we feeling the heat.  Classes are wrapping up for the semester, and I’m sure we’re all looking forward to enjoying a break and not having to force ourselves into not-so-“Cool Biz” (is it just me, or are your schools also not turning on the AC…).
Here are some things happening around the ken to keep your spirits up – like the reading on the thermometer.


This is the big one folks – the biggest in Yamanashi prefecture to be precise.  August 7th is Fireworks day in Japan – HAchigatsu NAnoka HI / “Hanabi” –  and this event  sure draws massive crowds (200, 000 last year). It shows off some of the most spectacular displays one could hope for. You will have to secure your place VERY early if you hope to have a comfortable spot. YETI will be securing a viewing spot those year for those who are interested in enjoying this event with other YETIzens  - you bring the goods (beer, tarp, beer etc), we’ll provide (limited) space. If you only see one fireworks display this summer, this is the one you want it to be.
When: August 7th (Wednesday) 19:15 – 21:00
 Where: 10 minute walk from JR Ichikawadaimon Station – it is HIGHLY recommended that you use public transport.
Those living on the Chuo Line, you will need to leave immediately after the event to make it home. Anyone further out, please look into finding a place to stay for the night.
Check out the forum for more information:

A group climb is being organised to happen near the end of climbing season this year. It’s happening after the Welcome Party, so here’s to hoping many of the new arrivals join in! Further details to follow at a later date.
 WHEN: September 14th

When I arrived last year, I really hadn’t realised how sad saying goodbye would be. In the same breath, I hadn’t anticipated how exciting it would be to welcome in the new ALTs! The date is set folks, further details will follow in the next (much sooner) edition of the Spaghetti and on the forum.

Now I know Fujiyoshida is out way for many of you but what can I say. I’m biased.
Spanning along Chuo street, this festival marks the foundation of Fujiyoshida and brings the city out into the streets! Unique performances by citizen groups, obon dances, food stalls, yukata, the parading of the portable shrines and general summer fun are the order of the day. Lasting well into the night, this promises to be a lively event for all those involved. Why not try the local speciality too – Yoshida no Udon!
 When:   27th July (Saturday). Activities being in the afternoon and continue well into the night.
 Where: Starting near Yamanashi Chuo Bank near Gekkoji station, spanning along Chuo Street.
Parking is extremely limited, access by public transportation is recommended. Extra train services will run through the night.

Yamanashi city will hold a summer festival on the 27th as well! You are encouraged to join the obon dancing in yukata near Yamanashi station and then head on down to Manriki park to enjoy fireworks over the river – along with all the food and festivity we love about Japanese festivals. No one wants to be indoors on these muggy summer nights -  get out and enjoy this popular summer event.
 When: 27th July (Saturday) Dancing from 17:00, followed by fireworks from 19:30-21:00
 Where: Obon dancing at Yamanashi station. Fireworks at Manriki park – a five minute walk from Yamanashi station.
Check this link on the forum for further details!

Try saying that five times.
 Over a span of five days, each of the Fuji 5 lakes will have respective days of free fireworks events. It starts at Yamanakako (8000 fireworks) on the 1st, then Saiko (1000 fireowrks), Motosuko (1000 fireworks) , Shojiko (1000 fireworks)  and finally the grand finale at Kawaguchiko on the 5th  (10,000 fireworks). Each event has its own unique selling points,  so I highly recommend attending at least one. Kawaguchiko’s event is by far the most accessible and the most impressive (also the most crowded, so come early to get some comfortable tarp space). If the idea of fireworks over the lake isn’t tempting enough, secure the right place and you might be able to see all this with Mt. Fuji and its light-trail of night hikers in the background. The fact that it’s cooler here than in the Kofu basin is a bonus.
 When:  7:30pm. August 1st – 5th Yamanakako, Saiko, Motosuko, Shojiko and Kawaguchiko respectively.
 Where: At the respective lakes.
 Access: Buses leave from Kawaguchiko Station to the Lakes until around 6:30pm, however there are no bus services available after 7pm. As such, it will be necessary to use your own transport for all events except the Kawaguchiko festival, which is within walking distance of the station.

Visitors can take full pleasure in a sea of 210,000 sunflowers that is enclosed on all sides by the Southern Alps, Mt. Yatsugatake, Mt. Fuji, Mt. Kayagatake, and other mountains in sun-drenched Akeno Town, which gets the longest hours of sunlight in Japan. Events include photo contests, photo sessions with models, and outdoor markets.
Check out this blog for the current blooming conditions :
 When: July 27th – August 25th (8:00 – 18:00)
 Where: Sunflower field by Akeno Fureai Sun Building; Akeno Agriculture Development Public Corporation; 5219-1 Uede, Akeno-co, Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi
 Access: Cars have a parking fee of 500yen.
 Public transport: Take Mizugaki Line bus (茅ヶ岳・みずがき田園バス) at the outside of JR Nirasaki Station. Then get off at the Akeno Fureai Sun Building Stop (明野温泉太陽館) and walk for 5 minutes.


 Yoyogi park has been the place to be for those who are curious about getting a taste of the exotic without leaving the leaving the comfort of Japan. Come experience food, dance, music, interesting trickets, elaborate costumes and performances from all around the world.
 July 27-28: Thai Festival
 August 3-4: Ocean Peoples – This is a festival promoting awareness for saving the sea and its beaches. Get all your beach gear, relax at the beer garden and enjoy some decent live music performances (including Hula!).
 August 10-11: Caribbean/Latin American Street Festival
 Sept. 14-15: Vietnam Festival - Recommended for all you foodies out there. The festival will have some of the lesser known delicacies not readily available in Japan on sale.
 Sept. 21-22: Sri Lanka Festival
 Sept. 28-29: Namaste India Festival – The close to the summer events at Yoyogi. Come participate in a yoga workshop or learn how to draw henna! Not to mention delicious, spicy food…

 When: most events start from 10:00 and end at 19:00.
 Where: Yoyogi Park. A 5 minute walk from JR Harajuku Station.

 I couldn’t say it better myself:
“Tanabata, a festival that celebrates the star-crossed lovers Orihime and Hikoboshi, takes place across Japan in early July and – confusingly – again in early August. You'll find one of Tokyo's longest running incarnations in Fussa, a town to the west of Tokyo central. While other such festivals tend to be fairly low-key affairs, this one (now into its 63rd year) is packed with events, including a 'Princess Orihime contest', folk dancing, a ninja performance, samba parades and plenty of irresistible food.”
Cheack out the events calendar:
 When: August 8-9th 15:00 – around 20:20
August 10th 13:00 – 20:30
August 11th 13:45 – 20:30
 Where:  Area around the West Exit of JR Fussa Station

-  I know many of you have been waiting for a chance to pull out those yukata. Here is a neat little site with some yukata tips for ladies and gents.
-  If you haven’t discovered this yet, the time is now.  Between tofugu’s website and youtube vids, you should have plenty to keep you busy during the quiet summer vacation desk days. Highlights include: “The Japanese Body Language series – how to spot a Japanese bragger”, “How not to speak like a Japanese transvestite”, The Japanese art of making strange Faces” (actually, this has inspired a summer project for me…)  ;
The summer heat is not something to take lightly. Keep cool and take care everyone! Remember, if you want to save on AC bills, just get yourself a nice big chunk of ice (or the freezer packs for coolerbags would be good too), put that bad boy in a bowl, and sit it in front of your regular old swinging fan. I promise you’ll feel amazing. Also, ice-cream.
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