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YETI Spaghetti, October 15th, 2013
« on: October 15, 2013, 08:31:58 PM »

How did everyone enjoy the three-day weekend? Is it just me, or is it significantly colder than just a week ago? Winter is coming...

YETI and AJET News

AJET Connect Magazine, October Issue
Here's the latest issue of Connect. There are Halloween features (one in particular by Carlos Quinn!) and autumn specialties in this issue.

YETI Memberships
YETI Memberships (which get you discounts to paid YETI events) are available for ¥‎3000!
Reminder of the special offer: if you attended Welcome Party, you can pay the ¥‎3000 for membership on or before Autumn Pub Quiz, and get the discount for Welcome Party retroactively; basically it makes Pub Quiz free!

Contribute to The Spaghetti!
Check out the beautiful photo at the end of this issue graciously provided by Ben Alex.  Seriously! I want to see and show what other YETIzens are doing. The possibilities are endless!

YETI Events

YETI Fall Pub Quiz, October 26th
Halloween Special!
The semi-annual pub quiz is a raucous and exciting event! The friendly (and loud!) competitive spirit of YETIzens comes out to determine which team knows the most trivia. The winning teams will go home with jealousy-inducing prizes.  Have you prepared (or even thought about...?) your costume yet? There will also be prizes for best costume! Your hosts Wade and Sairus will come up with the interesting questions and show you a good time ;)
Please RSVP by Wednesday, October 23rd!! The maximum capacity right now is at 49 people, so RSVP soon to secure a spot! There will be a waitlist if necessary.
Cost: ¥‎500 for YETI members, ¥‎1000 for non-members
Where: Tsuki Cafe, just across the street from Otsuki Station
When: Saturday, October 26th, 5:30-9pm to allow for Halloween activities afterward
More info:

Fall Foliage Viewing, November 9th
The cherry blossoms are to spring as the changing leaves are to autumn.  The changing colors of the leaves will be in full swing in November. Join fellow YETIzens on a casual stroll around Lake Yamanaka with a majestic view of Fuji, and enjoy the natural beauty this time of year. There are plans in the works for dinner and karaoke afterward.
Cost: Free
Where: Ashigaoka Bus Stop at (whale-shaped) Lake Yamanaka. There is a 1:20p bus from Fujisan Station towards Doshi (富士山駅~忍野八海~山中湖~平野~道志). There is also parking available for those driving.
When: Saturday, November 9th, 2pm~
More info: Coming soon

Save the Date!!
YETI Thanksgiving Potluck, November 17th
What brings people together better than massive amounts of comfort food?? For this free YETI event, all we ask is that you bring enough food or (non-alcoholic) drink for a few people.  It is tentatively set for 1-5pm at the Yamanashi Prefectural Youth Center in Kofu/Isawa.
More info: Coming soon

Things to Do in Yamanashi

Paul Rusch Festival, Yatsugatake County Fair, October 19th—20th
Coming this weekend! This annual American-style country fair in Hokuto is named after Kentuckian, Paul Rusch (junior high school ALTs who don’t know him yet: you will once speech [recitation] contest preparation begins, if it hasn’t already. Do you know Paul Rusch? We know he is…). He has done a lot for Hokuto, and as he strengthened the ties between Hokuto and Kentucky, some affectionately refer to the area as Hokutucky. Prepare for food and drinks, music and other performances, and booths of various Yamanashi and Kentuckian goods at this festival celebrating him and his contributions.
Cost: Free
Where: Seisenryo in Kiyosato. 3545 Takanechō Kiyosato, Hokuto-shi. A 20-minute walk from Kiyosato Station.
When: Saturday, October 19th, 10am~, Sunday, October 20th
More info: (Japanese)

Hiking the Hyakumeizan of Yamanashi: The Hundred Famous Mountains of Yamanashi
With a name like Yamanashi, our prefecture is bound to have impressive mountains. I mean, we have Mt. Fuji, THE mountain of Japan, after all. They are of varying levels of difficulty. Do not make the same mistake I did, assuming the shorter peaks were easier... Or was I just lacking common sense? No need to answer that...

Check out the spotlight on Mt. Kobushigatake below by Ben Alex!

At the link below, the Hundred are organized by mountain range. There is a short page dedicated to each one. Some have more information than others. Though all in Japanese, the website has a lot of visual information.
More info:

Things to Do Around Tokyo

Street Performance at Sangenjaya, October 19th - 20th
For a unique entertainment experience in Tokyo, head to Setagaya for street performances from local groups and international guests. There will be various circus acts, dances, and performance art. The website has some images of the possible curiosities to pique your interest. Here is the published schedule:
Cost: Free
Where: Carrot Tower, Sangenjaya 4-1-1 Taishidou, Setagaya, Tokyo. Access from Sangenjaya Station.
When: Saturday, October 19th - Sunday, October 20th
More info: (Official website in Japanese)

Tokyo Metropolitan Tourism Chrysanthemum Exhibition, November 1st-23rd
This annual chrysanthemum exhibition in Tokyo is known for its quantity AND quality of flowers. There will be an array of bonsai, cut, and otherwise arranged flowers for viewing. Other than making people happy with all the pretty flowers (!), this event is also promoting tourism to the area and improvements to cultivation techniques, and increasing awareness of afforestation.
Cost: Free
Where: Hibiya Park Kusachi Hiroba, 1-6 Hibiya Park, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. A 2-minute walk from Kasumigaseki Station or Hibiya Station, and a 7-minute walk from Yurakucho Station.
When: Friday, November 1st - Saturday, November 23rd, 10am - 4pm (Open until noon on the last day)
More info:

Introducing... Yamanashi

The view from Mt. Kobushigatake

This photo was taken by Ben Alex in Tsuru-shi. Here is a little bit about his adventure.
Rated at 4 out of 5 for difficulty, the paths leading up to Kobushigatake are not a walk in the park. The peak rests at an awe-inspiring 2475m where you can catch a great view of Mt Fuji, the Minami Alps, and a great expanse of Yamanashi and Saitama. Near the top there is a cozy lodge, Kobushigoya, where you can rest for the night and get hot meals. This two-day hike may leave your butt a little sore, but climbing to the top of one of Japan's 100 famous mountains is a feat that will make you feel like you can conquer the world!

Mt. Kobushigatake is right on the border between Nagano, Saitama, and Yamanashi. Be at three places at once? More information about it for those who would like to experience this part of Yamanashi:
Kobushigoya lodging contact info: 090-3337-8947
Website is not up-to-date, so call for a reservation and rates:
Kobushigatake trail info:

Thanks for reading!

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