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YETI Spaghetti, December 11th, 2013
« on: December 11, 2013, 08:53:40 PM »

By now most of you may have already prepared something for the literally freezing temperatures: electric blankets on the beds, filled cans of kerosene with the heater you just set out (or electric heater for those of you iffy with kerosene heaters!), kotatsu all prepared, new sets of heat-tech (just got socks, which are doing quite nicely right now), among other small things like a hot water bottle and little hand/feet/body warmers. It's just getting started... Take care, everyone!

YETI and AJET News

The December Issue of the AJET Connect Magazine
Another month, another issue of AJET Connect! This issue focuses on the holidays and festivities to look forward to in Japan. The Yamanashi JETs contribute regularly to AJET Connect; look for Leslie's and Josiah's articles in this issue!

YETI Burn Awards Results
The results are in, and the community has spoken! Thanks to everyone who voted and got others to vote as well. For those of you who couldn't come to the Winter Party to hear them (or... forgot??), here they are:

Best Dressed - Ben L.
Best Karaoke Star - Rhiannon
Best Laugh - Alejandra
Best Moves on the Dance Floor - Tristan S.
Best One-Liners - Nick B.
Best WOULD-BE Couple - Allison L. & Chris C.
Biggest Flake - Kelly F.
Biggest Flirt - Alejandra
Dual Personality: Most Likely to Change After a Few Drinks - Amanda R.
Least Likely to Be Up Past 10PM - Terra
Least Likely to Give a F**K! - Wagner
Least Likely to Survive Japan Another Year - Mike M.
Most Fun and Happy Drunk - Kevin N.
Most Introverted: Thank You for Deeming Us Worthy of Your Energy (Really!) - Jonathan
Most Likely to Be in a 70s P0rno - Rob P.
Most Likely to Be Mistaken for a Student - Megan
Most Likely to Become Japanese - Jotham
Most Likely to Disgrace Their Homeland - Danny
Most Likely to Have a Cell Phone as an Appendage - Tristan S.
Most Likely to Still Be at Work - Anya
Most Likely to Take Over the World - Giseli
Most Likely to Throttle a Coworker - Terra
Most Likely to Wake Up in an Inappropriate Place - Chandre
Most Offended If Mistaken for an American - Rhiannon
Most YETI Spirit - Fred
Possessor of the Most Random Stories - Fred
The Impromptu Musical: Most Likely to Break Out into Song and Dance - Chandre
Undercover Hottie - Amanda R.
Worst Sense of Direction: Most Likely to Get Lost and End Up in Another Prefecture - Sara W.

Custom Categories:
Arashi Rules My Life - Joanna
Best Giggle - Cheryl
Best Smile - Sara W.
The BFG Award - Pat
The Fresh Prince of Roppongi Hills - Yoshio
I Am the Mini YETI - Nick B.
I Don't Care If I Don't Have Fun... I Just Don't Want Others to Have Fun - Wagner
I May Look Sweet and Innocent, But I Can F**k You Up! - Emily TM
Most Likely to Have a Really Intense Secret Admirer - Carlos
Most Potential for a Successful Career as a Voice Actor - Marc!
*Oops* I'm 40 and Still Living in an Apartment Alone Surrounded by Johnny's Goods... But One More Year Can't Hurt! - Amanda M.
Screw You All... I Want to Be A Cat Lady NOW - Jen K.
Wait... Where Are My Keys? - Emily M.

YETI Events

YETI Ski Trip, January 17th – 19th
YETI Ski Trip info is here! Once the New Year starts, the days will move by quickly, so make sure to RSVP before you head off for your winter adventures. Check the forum link for ALL the answers and information. Skiiing and snowboarding are not required on this trip (just saying); come have fun at the party, in the snow, and at the hotel with everyone and meet new people from other prefectures!
ï¿¥13500 yen (2 nights' accommodation with 3 meals)
2 day weekend Ski lift pass (+ï¿¥6500), 1 day weekend pass (+ï¿¥4000), Weekday pass (+ï¿¥2500 per day)
ï¿¥1000 yen returnable ski pass deposit
YETI members get a ï¿¥1000 discount
Where: Lady Diana and St. Georges Hotel, Hakuba Goryu Resort, Nagano
When: Friday, January 17th (evening) – Sunday, January 19th (20th extra)
More info:

Save the Date!
YETI Idol - Saturday, January 25th
Enjoy karaoke all night! Who will be the YETI Idol this year..? Come to throw your hat in the ring or watch the inevitably entertaining performances! Either way, it'll be a fun night. Keep an eye out for more information.

Things to Do in Yamanashi

Winter Illumination
Yamanakako Art Illumination “Fantaseum”, until January 5th
Opening this weekend is the expansive light displays at Lake Yamanaka. Also, there will be fireworks every Saturday evening until Christmas. The pictures from last year look pretty spectacular; check them out on the link below.
Cost: Free, parking is ï¿¥300
Where: Yamanakakohananomiyako Park, 花の都公園. 南都留郡山中湖村山中1650.
When: until Sunday, January 5th, 5pm–9pm
More info: (Japanese)

Winter Night at Heidi's Village (Haijinomura), until December 30th
This display in Hokuto is another gorgeous one. Depending on the night you go, there are also other activities and events to see, like candle-making, fireworks, and a concert. The website is in Japanese, but the dates are listed with pictures of the events.
Cost: ï¿¥500
Where: Haijinomura, Hokuto-shi, Akenocho Asao 2471. There is a free bus going from Nirasaki Station to the location. Lucky!
When: until Monday, December 30th, sundown – 9pm
More info: (Japanese)

Things to Do Around Tokyo

Nightmare After Christmas, December 26th
Ready for some vacation time to let loose in Tokyo? There's a DJ event the Thursday after Christmas being described with words like "hellish." Prepare for an all-nighter; this event doesn't start until 11:30pm!
Cost: ¥2000 pre-ordered which you can do at Lawson's ticket kiosk ->チケットぴあ [218-127] ローソンチケット [73577] e+ LIQUIDROOM DISK UNION(SHINJUKU CLUB MUSIC SHOP/SHIBUYA CLUB MUSIC SHOP/SHIMOKITAZAWA CLUB MUSIC SHOP)、Lighthouse records、TECHNIQUE、11/30 ON SALE; ¥2500 at-the-door
Where: Liquidroom (Liquid Loft), 3-16-6 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. Near Ebisu Station on the JR Yamanote or Hibiya Lines.
When: Thursday, December 26th, 11:30pm~
More info:

Tokyo Dome City Winter Illuminations, until February 16th
The illuminations at Tokyo Dome number in the millions. There is also a ton of extra stuff to do there (check out that sweet-looking interactive RPG game at the bottom!), so it’s generally a cool place to get your fix of entertainment.
Cost: Free
Where: Tokyo Dome City, Koraku 1-3-61, Bunkyo, Tokyo. Access from Kasuga Station, Korakuen Station, or Suidobashi Station.
When: until Sunday, February 16th, 5pm-1am
More info: (Japanese)

Introducing... Yamanashi

The Kawaguchiko Herb Museum (河口湖ハーブ館)
Lavender is one of the specialties of the Kawaguchiko area. There is even a festival for it! But this museum just a block south of the Kawaguchiko Bridge has a lot more to offer. Aromatherapy goods in all scents and forms are decked out in half of the main shop. The other half has a lot of general Japan and Fuji souveniers. In the back there is a small cafe and herb garden where you can buy your own plants(!!). The cafe has herbal teas and my favorite... the lavender soft-serve ice cream! While some might think it's a strange flavor (a friend quite colorfully described it as tasting like she had been punched in the face by flowers), others have said the museum's lavender soft cream has the best texture out of the Kawaguchiko shops that have it. Go for the lavender & vanilla mix ;)
Where: Kawaguchiko Herb Museum, 6713-18 Funatsu, Minamitsuru-gun, Kawaguchiko
More info:

Thanks as always for reading!

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