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YETI Spaghetti, March 18th, 2014
« on: March 18, 2014, 09:06:03 PM »

The school year is coming to a close. Teachers and students are saying their goodbyes. Spring is here. Sakura all around! Another chance for a fresh start.

YETI and AJET News

YETI Council Elections
We're gearing up for YETI Council elections. Here is a good opportunity to get more involved with the community. Nominate someone you think would be a good leader, and make sure to vote! The positions up for nomination and vote are YETI President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
Nominations are open until April 1st, voting begins April 4th and lasts until April 11th at 12PM. We'll be announcing the new council after the Nash 500 event.
The details about nominating, accepting nominations, and voting are on the forum at the link below.
More info:

YETI Events

YETI Nash 500 Scavenger Hunt
The annual Nash 500 event is quickly approaching! This scavenger hunt will have you and your costumed teammates traveling around Yamanashi, searching for the answers to its many secrets. There is only so much time in the day, so you must prioritize the tasks with your team to get the most points. In addition to taking pictures and finding random items, you will need to have a theme and costumes which will be judged for points. To participate, you need a team of people: one who has a car and drives, and whoever else will fit in your car. If you would like to be placed on a random team, let us know! You will need to take pictures on a removable storage card so the judges can review them. The results of the YETI Council election will also be announced at the end of the day during dinner.
Cost: Free, but you will share any gas costs or tolls and such with your team
Where: Meet at the AEON Mall Parking Lot A
When: Sunday, April 13th, 9:30AM - dinnertime
More info:

Things to Do in and Around Yamanashi

Plum Blossom-Viewing in Furouen, Until March 31st
There is still a little over a week to visit the park for the plum blossoms! The pink and white plum blossoms cover the mountain sides of the "Garden of Eternal Youth" and provide more ways to view Mt. Fuji (because really, you can't have too many beautiful views of Fuji). The garden also has its own plum goods (one of which comes in a precious ume-plum-shaped bottle) and other light meals to offer. Or bring a bento and picnic there.
Cost: ¥500
Where:  甲府市酒折3丁目4-3, 7-minute walk NW of Sakaori Station on the Chuo Line, or 13-minute walk NE of Zenkoji Station on the Minobu Line
When: Until Monday, March 31st; 9am-5pm (last entrance 4:30pm)
More info:

The 43rd Annual Shingen-ko Festival, April 4th - 6th
This is one of the largest festivals in Yamanashi which happens to celebrate Takeda Shingen. The main event on Saturday is the Koshu Battalion Deployment of over 1000 locals from all around the prefecture dressed as samurai in Takeda Shingen's army. There are many other performances and ceremonies scheduled throughout the weekend, which you can check at the website linked below.
Cost: Free
Where: Maizuru Castle (Kofu Castle), Heiwa Dori, and South Entrance of Kofu Station (see map for schedule and location details)
When: Friday, April 4th - Sunday, April 6th
More info: (If you can navigate the Japanese page, you can get more details about the schedule and locations)

Kawanakajima Battle Reenactment, April 20th
Continuing the celebrations of Takeda Shingen is an epic battle reenactment between Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin's armies along Fuefuki River. There are nearly 1000 soldiers and cavalry for this reenactment, making for quite the display.
Cost: Free
Where: Fuefuki City Hall, along the Fuefuki River bank between Ukai Bridge and Route 20.
When: Sunday, April 20th, from 1PM
More info: (Japanese)

Things to Do Around Tokyo

Tokyo Outdoor Weekend, March 22nd-23rd
Start spring outdoors at the appropriately located Tokyo Outdoor Weekend. There will be various vendors with gear for your outdoor activity of choice (along with the festival usual of food, live music, and other wares)!
Cost: Free
Where: Yoyogi Park Event Plaza, 2-1 Yoyogikamizonocho, Shibuya, easy access southwest of Harajuku Station
When: Saturday, March 22nd - Sunday, March 23rd, 10am-6pm
More info:

AnimeJapan 2014, March 22nd - 23rd
If anime is more your thing, there is the convention near Odaiba for the weekend. There will be tons of anime goods, performances, and special guest appearances. And cosplayers, this will be a good opportunity to debut your latest project and take some great pictures among the many other cosplaying attendees.
Cost: ï¿¥1500 for adults, ï¿¥800 for children
Where: Tokyo Big Sight, East Hall 1-6, 3-11-1 Ariake, Koto, Tokyo,
Kokusaitenjijo Station (JR Rinkai Line) or Kokusai-tenjijo-seimon station (Yurikamome Line)
When: Saturday, March 22nd - Sunday, March 23rd, 9AM-5PM
More info:

Cherry Blossom Festivals, Late March - Mid-April
The first bloom is predicted to be around March 30th in Tokyo this year, with full bloom around April 6th. There will be an abundance of places to see them and have hanami parties. Some notable places to go are Shinjuku Gyoen, Ueno Park, and Koganei Park. Depending on the type of party you want and what time of day you want to go (they have illumination in the evening at some), there is a perfect place to enjoy the sakura. Check the link below for more details about each recommended spot and previous years' images.
Cost: Most are free, though a few have a small entrance fee like Shinjuku Gyoen which is ï¿¥200
Where: Various locations around Tokyo
When: (Predicted) March 30th - Mid-April
More info:

Introducing... Yamanashi

Café Natural Rhythm
This cafe is very much about its atmosphere. It's situated right near the river (and the Chuo Expressway) with huge windows to take in the natural surroundings from your seat inside this cozy cafe (though there is outdoor seating as well!). Take your time to relax, and enjoy your drinks made fresh to order (like, crushing-the-spices-for-your-chai-tea fresh). Also... they have a goat.
Where: 山梨県都留市つる3-15-16, 3-15-16 Tsuru, Tsuru-shi, Yamanashi-ken. It's an 8-minute walk from Tsurushi Station on the Fujikyu Otsuki Line. There is parking lot available.
Open hours: Weekdays from roughly 8PM-midnight; weekends and from 3PM-5:30PM, and from 8PM-midnight
More info:

Thanks for reading!

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