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Sayonara Party 2014
« on: June 03, 2014, 07:48:23 PM »
ღஜღ Sayonara Party ღஜღ

With another year almost at a close, it is time to bid farewell! Come join us at Namesawa Party Forest (AKA Namesawa Campground) for a party in honor of those departing. We will have the whole campground reserved so please bring your outside voice, food, and booze for a night filled with music and shenanigans. We will have two covered areas for barbecuing and cabins that will accommodate approximately 40 people. You also can bring a tent!

Cabin Info:

Most sleep 3-4 people but there are a few larger ones that can sleep 6-10.The cabins will be on a first come first serve basis. The cabins include futons and some blankets. If you want a sheet on your futon, you will need to bring it. You will also need to bring pillows.

You will not be charged for a cabin if you are sleeping in a tent.

Location Info:

The campsite is located off of Route 140 past Mitomi Elementary School. Carpooling will be necessary, so please let us know if you have space in your car and are coming the closest stations you can get picked up at are Enzan or Yamanashi-shi.

The campsite has no cell phone service with most carriers. There is a payphone so that others may contact us and we may contact them. The phone number is 0553 39 2567.

ADDRESS: Yamanashi-ken Koshu-shi Enzanoyashiki 2319-1 (山梨県甲州市塩山小屋敷2319-1)


You can come anytime after 4pm and the barbecues will be ready around 7pm. On Sunday you must depart by 11am.

- Food for dinner
- Pillows/Sheets if you need them
- Drinks for yourself (Don't forget to bring hydration!)
- Anything else fun

Non-YETI Members (Returning)
-Entrance: 1500
-Entrance+Lodging: 5000

YETI Members(Returning)
-Entrance: 1000
-Entrance+Lodging: 4500

Non-YETI Members (Leaving Japan)
-Entrance: 0
-Entrance+Lodging: 3500

YETI Members (Leaving Japan)
-Entrance: 0
-Entrance+Lodging: 0!

This is one of the biggest YETI events of the year, so get ready! Let's send off our friends with the fanfare they deserve and make sure it's a night they'll always remember!

Please give us an RSVP by Monday June 23rd and let us know if you will be staying or going.
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Re: Sayonara Party 2014
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Enjoy the great outdoors everyone!  :wink: