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Thanksgiving Potluck
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*******RSVP By November 25*******
Sign-up on the google doc below.

Come get your bird on with YETI and celebrate Thanksgiving! We will be hosting our annual feast at Yumewaku (夢わーく山梨) in Yamanashi-shi.

November 29th
From 1pm till 5pm

As always this will be a potluck style event so whip out your oven mitts (if you actually have an oven) and get your best dishes ready so we can eat till we hate ourselves. To avoid duplicates please sign up with what you are going to bring on the following google doc. If you are gifted... or even mediocre at cooking, please leave the drinks to those who are better at other things. As always this is going to be an alcohol free event.

We will be supplying some meat for you to stuff your hungry faces, but you all should also bring some too... because meat is amazing. Don't forget the veggies, potatoes, and everything else though! You will also need to bring your own serving utensils and make sure that you are prepared to travel home with some dirty dishes because we don't have access to a kitchen. I shall repeat: We must bring everything with and take everything with us. Pack in and pack out people! This means serving utensils, cutlery, plates, bowls, spoons, trash, recycling, etc.

Leave your RSVP on the google doc. We can accommodate 75 people.