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YETI Idol 2015
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Whether you are ready to karaoke for your life or prepared to have your ear drums rupture and bleed, you should come join us at Hops & Herbs on Saturday the 21st for YETI Idol 2015!

Due to the large crowd we drew last year and the venue changing, Idol is going to run slightly different this year.

We will have space for 15 contestants. If you would like to compete there is an entry fee of ï¿¥500. (This will go toward paying for the songs and prizes)

***If you would like to be a contestant please RSVP by posting on the page.****

There will be 3 rounds:

1) All 15 will sing 2 minutes of a selected song.
Short Break
2) The judges will select 8 of the 15 to move on and compete in the second round.
They again will sing 2 minutes of a chosen song.
Voting Break
3) Audience members will vote for their favorite and the top 5 will compete for prizes, singing a full lenght selection.

What is not changing is that we will be in need of 3 judges so if you would like to throw some shade at our contestants come prepared with sharpened nails. Please RSVP to be a judge below!

Contestant slots are on a first come first serve basis! We will maintain a waiting list in case anyone drops out!

******RSVP BY: Wednesday, February 18********
Event Date: Saturday February 21st
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Hops & Herbs
Fee: ï¿¥500 for Contestants Only OR ï¿¥100 Entry
Nearest Station: Kofu

Contestants will be expected to arrive by 6:45 sharp!

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Re: YETI Idol
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I'm in as a spectator... luckily I will not be subjecting you to my screeching singing  :-X