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Yeti Spaghetti - November 2014 Edition
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YETI Spaghetti
                                                                      November 26, 2014

YETI and AJET News

Here is a message from your new First Year Rep!

Hey, y'all!

Im happy and excited to be your first year representative. For those of you I haven't met yet, my name is Geneva Ged and I'm from Kentucky, USA. Currently I'm living in the frozen north of Hokuto-shi in Kiyosato. I have my Master's degree in Teaching English as a Second Language, but my passion is socio-linguistics. After the JET Program, I'll probably go back to finish my education if I don't get tired of academia. First years, if you need anything or want to make suggestions for YETI, I'm just a Facebook or Line message away! Thanks!


YETI Events
Free for Everyone!
Yumewaku Yamanashi in Yamanashi-shi
When: This Saturday 1-5pm
More info: As always this will be a potluck style event so whip out your oven mitts (if you actually have an oven) and get your best dishes ready so we can eat till we hate ourselves. To avoid duplicates please sign up with what you are going to bring on the following google doc. If you are gifted... or even mediocre at cooking, please leave the drinks to those who are better at other things. As always this is going to be an alcohol free event.

We will be supplying some meat for you to stuff your hungry faces, but you all should also bring some too... because meat is amazing. Don't forget the veggies, potatoes, and everything else though!

Winter Party
Standard: ï¿¥5000
Designated Driver: ï¿¥4000
Standard: ï¿¥4000
Designated Driver: ï¿¥3500
Where: Kou Fuku Syuka in Lazawalk
When: December 13th
More info: Toss on your fancy threads and come eat, drink, and be merry! Facebook announcement to come soon.

Things to Do in and Around Yamanashi

Risonare Illumination
Where: Kobuchizawa in Hokutoshi
When: Now till December 25th
More info: Enjoy the Christmas spirit in Risonare. They have a ton of shops, spas, and ways to have fun. It is a 25 minute walk from Kobuchizawa Station.

Art Illumination at Lake Yamanaka Flower Park
Where: Lake Yamanaka FLower Park (南都留郡 山中湖村山中1650山中湖花の都公園)
When: Now till January 4th
More info: It is a nice walk, albeit cold, around the park and explore some interesting displays.

Things to Do Around Tokyo

Where: Multiple venues All over Tokyo
When: Now through February
More info: Go to Tokyo and visit some breathtaking displays! Below is a guide you will find useful. Stay warm out there!

Tim Burton World
Where: Mori Art Museum in Roppongi's Mori Tower
When: Now till January 4th
More info: An amazing retrospective of Tim Burton's work from his days as a high school student to the most recent contemporary work.

Attack on Titan Exhibit
Where: Ueno Mori Art Museum
When: November 28th till January 25th
More info: Get out to Ueno and see some life size Titans!

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Re: Yeti Spaghetti - November 2014 Edition
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Risonare is pretty nice. We hit it up the other night.
They'll be doing a projection mapping show from 12/20-12-25

Here's a video from their site of it last year

Another good Xmas lights display is in Nishijima, at the top end of Minobu (Near the Nakatomi paper/craft museum and Ogino)
It's a long street and all of the houses are fully decked out in lights. You can park at Ogino and walk down, or sometimes there is parking in the lot opposite the street entrance. I'm not sure, but I think it starts early December and finishes just after New Year.

Here's the street entrance on Google (you can't miss it at night!)
I'll attach a screenshot too.

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