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2005 JHS Competition Questions- Please Use for Coaching!
« on: June 15, 2006, 09:33:20 PM »
Hello Everyone-

To aid all those coaching students for the competition,  I have posted the questions from the 2005 English Contest.  No questions from last year will be repeated this year though categories may.  The Competition will be 5 Rounds.  Each Round will have categories with 5 questions per category.  Rounds One and Two will have questions worth 100-500 points.  The Quarter Finals onward will have questions worth 200-1000 points.  There will also be one final question per round.  Students can wager some, all, or none of their points on the final question.  Please teach your students how to wager!  I hope this provides you with a better understanding of the competition. 

What?s your name?
How old are you?
What?s your favourite sport?
What?s your favourite fruit?
When?s your birthday?

The Letter R
What colour starts with R?  red, ruby
What weather starts with R?  rain/rainy
What sports starts with R?  rugby
What animal starts with R?  rat, raccoon, rino,
What flower starts with R?  rose

How many
days in 1 week? (7)
minutes in 3 hours? (180)
members in SMAP? (5)
days in September? (30)
letters in the English alphabet? (26)

Which sport is more popular in Japan, Baseball or Hockey? (baseball)
America, it?s called soccer? what is it called in England? (football)
What is the most popular sport in the world? (soccer)
Which sport do you use a table? (table tennis)
How many players on a basketball court during a game? (10)

Spelling 1
Spell Monday
Spell Wednesday
Spell bicycle
Spell sandwich
Spell beautiful

FINAL QUESTIONS (Judge picks one question)
Translation:  What does megane mean in English? (Glasses)
Weather: What are the white or grey things in the sky called? (Clouds)
Countries: What is the largest country in the world? (Russia)
What is Japanese money called? (Yen)
What is money from England called? (Pounds)
Who is on all money from England? (The Queen)
How many cents are in one American dollar? (100)
One dollar equals how many yen? (100-115, anywhere in there)

In your home, where do you sleep? (Bedroom)
In your home, where do you brush your teeth? (Bathroom)
Where do you go to mail a letter? (Post Office)
Where do you fill your car with gas? (Gas Station)
Where do you go to fix your teeth? (Dentist)

What animal says ?meow? in English? (Cat)
Which animal has a long nose? (Elephant)
Which animal has a long neck? (Giraffe)
Which animal has 8 legs? (Spider or Octopus)
What is the largest animal in the world? (Whale)

The United Kingdom
Is the UK in Europe? (Yes)
What is the capital of the UK? (London)
What side of the road do you drive on in the UK? (Left)
Who is the Prime Minister, or leader, of the UK? (Tony Blair)
Name one country in the United Kingdom besides England. (N. Ireland, Scotland, Wales)

Spelling 2(Note: capitals are unnecessary)
Spell August
Spell Mickey Mouse
Spell tomorrow
Spell thousand
Spell international

FINAL QUESTION (Judge picks one question)
Spelling: Which comes first in the dictionary, cat, cake or kite? (cake)
Countries: What country has the most people in the world? (China)
Time and Dates
What days are in a weekend? (Saturday and Sunday)
Fill in the blank: There are 60              in a minute. (Seconds)
What month is Christmas in? (December)
What time is half past ten? (10:30)
When is New Year?s Day? (January 1st)

Which animal?s milk do we usually drink? (Cow)
Name a popular food from Italy. (Pizza, Spaghetti?)
What animal does pork come from? (Pig)
Name a country where curry is very popular. (India, Thailand, UK)
Name a round food with a hole in it. (Donuts or bagels)

Who is your father?s father? (Grandfather)
Is your family name your first name or your last name? (Last name)
Who is your mother?s brother? (Uncle)
Who is your mother?s brother?s son? (Cousin)
Who is your mother?s mother?s mother? (Great-Grandmother)

Sports 2
Name a sport that started in Japan. (Kyuudo, Judo, Kendo?)
What country is the Wimbledon tennis tournament in? (England)
What is the sport where you throw a ball into a net with your hands? (Basketball)
How many pins are there in bowling? (10)
What is the national sport of Korea? (Taekwondo)

Japanese to English
What is the English word for mizu? (Water)
What is the English word for jagaimo? (Potato)
What is the English word for noboru? (Climb)
What is the English word for shougakkou? (Elementary School, Primary School)
What is the English word for keshigomu? (Eraser)

FINAL QUESTION (Judge picks one question)
Sports: What sport has clubs, holes, and sand traps? (Golf)
Body Parts: What do you use when you think? (brain)

What is the opposite of heavy? (Light)
What is the opposite of rich? (Poor)
What is the opposite of early? (Late)
What is the opposite of fast? (Slow)
What is the opposite of thin? (Thick)

What colors are in the US flag? (Red, white and blue)
What country?s flag was a red maple leaf on a white background? (Canada)
Name a country in North America that does NOT speak English. (Mexico?.)
What city in the United States has the most people? (New York)
Who was the first president of the United States? (George Washington, Washington)

Oceania (Australia and New Zealand)
Which is bigger, Australia or New Zealand? (Australia)
Name an animal from Australia. (Kangaroo, Koala?.)
Name a city in Australia (Sydney, Canberra?)
Name an animal from New Zealand. (Kiwi?.)
Name a New Zealand rugby team. (The All Blacks)

What does monkey mean in Japanese? (Saru)
Please act like a monkey. (They?d better do a good monkey impression?)
How many fingers do monkeys have? (10)
Where are chimpanzees from? (Africa)

What do you use to write with at school? (Pen, pencil?)
What school do you go to after Junior High School? (High School)
What do you wear at school? (Uniform)
How do you say kocho-sensei in English? (Principal)
What is the class where you learn 2 + 2? (Math)

FINAL QUESTION (Judge picks one question)
Spelling: How do you spell Dinosaur?
Movies: In Tonari no Totoro, what does Totoro use as an umbrella? (leaf)

What colors are the keys on a piano? (Black and White)
Name a music group that is all girls. (Morning Musume, the Spice Girls?)
Who was the lead singer of the Beatles? (John Lennon)
Name an instrument with strings. (Guitar, Cello, Violin?)
What country was Beethoven from? (Germany)

The Letter T
What person?s name starts with T?
What sport starts with T?
What movie starts with T?
What animal starts with T?
What country starts with T?

How do you come to school? (Bicycle, walking?)
What must you buy to ride a train? (Ticket)
Name something with 2 wheels. (Motorbike, Bicycle?)
How old do you have to be to drive a car in Japan? (18)
Name an animal you can ride. (Horse, Elephant?)

What is something you wear on your head? (Hat?)
What is something you wear on your feet? (Shoes, socks?)
What is something you wear around your neck? (Necklace, necktie?)
What is something you wear on your face? (Glasses, mask?)
What is something you wear on your hands? (Gloves, mittens, rings?)

What does Junichiro Koizumi do? (Prime Minister, leads Japan?)
What does Hayao Miyazaki do? (Makes movies, Director?)
What country were the Beatles from? (England, UK)
Saddam Hussein was the leader of what country? (Iraq)
Who created Mickey Mouse? (Disney, Walt Disney)

American Culture: Which food was made in America first: Pizza, Sausages, or Chocolate Chip Cookies? (Chocolate Chip Cookies)

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