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Police City - a Directions Game
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Police City


Players control police or criminals in this quick, action oriented turn-based strategy game. One player assumes the roll of the commander and orders what the other player, (the actor,) is to do in English. Police units must work to neutralize criminal units. Criminal units must evade police and race to complete mission objectives. Each unit has its own way to win or the moderator may choose to utilize a points system to allow whole teams to win. The game ends when both bombs have been used and either blown up or deactivated.


I haven't tested this game enough yet with students, but it should work with more mature/studious students. It was designed for Lower-Middle Level Senior High School students. It requires a bit of preparation to work.

I'm playing this game with classes that are very good at playing the time-old Taxi Driver game. I'll post more as testing occurs.

This document is a version 1.0, so please forgive any small mistakes. It is not completed, as I have not put up the mission cards or sheets for players to use. Those will come hopefully this or next week.

It is 12 pages wrong and designed to be read/understood by teachers.

Ideally, I would like feed back on the rules document (what is attached now) and hopefully later, on results from playing in class.

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