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Hayakawa-cho is a small town on the western edge of Yamanashi. It borders Minobu.


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Hayakawa has an estimated population of 1,160 as of July 2012. The town was established through the merger of six pre-existing villages in 1956. Hayakawa is notable for its mountain scenery, historic inns, and numerous onsen.

The area has a long history of Buddhist practice and study. Small shrines are everywhere, and occasionally practitioners can be seen marching and chanting through the streets.


Hayakawa has milder summers than the nearby Kofu basin, but not by much. Winters on the other hand can be several degrees colder with snow and icy roads.

Get In

Akasawa Sakura.jpg


The only public transportation in Hayakawa is a bus service that runs through town and to the train station in Minobu. The schedule is located here, and fare prices can be found here. Information and a map can also be found here.


By far the most common and most recommended way of travel in Hayakawa is via car. When driving, be aware that bridges ice easily in the winter and that landslides occur about once a year - which can potentially cut the town off from the outside world until they can be cleared.

There area several parking areas alongside the road in Hayakawa.

Get Around

The roads in and around Hayakawa can be dangerous so drive carefully. They are narrow and wind around blind corners as they hug the mountain walls along the river valley. Please be aware that sidewalks are very rare in Hayakawa, so drivers need to watch out for pedestrians walking along the side of the road.

There are two gas stations in Hayakawa. Both are somewhat pricey, so it would be advisable to fill up at the Eneos on 52 in Minobu for the cheapest fuel in the area.


Keishinin Winter.jpg

Most visitors come to explore the nearby mountains and parks, or to travel to famous inns and hot springs.

Hayakawa is somewhat known for having good boulders for rock climbing. Most of these lie in the northern regions of the town. Some information can be found online regarding bouldering in Hayakawa.

Mt. Shichimen with the beautiful Keishinin Temple is accessible through Hayakawa.


There are no major stores or conbinis in Hayakawa, so most goods are best purchased before arriving.


There are a few places to eat in Hayakawa: A cafe and patisserie near Minami Elementary School, a small izakaya also by Minami ES, a restaurant named Plaza near the turn to Amehata, and a soba shop in Akasawa.


The famous and historic ryokan Keiunkan (Japanese) is located in Hayakawa.

Get Out

Bus service to the Minobu train line is available.

Following Rt. 37 south will take you to 52 through Minobu, which runs from Shizuoka to Kofu. If heading north it is slightly shorter to take the last bridge over the river onto 410, which will also take you to 52 in Minobu.