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Kōshū shi, Yamanashi (甲州市), was formed in 2005 by the merger of Enzan Shi (塩山市), Katsunuma-cho (勝沼町) and Yamato-mura(大和村).


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By Train

The Chuo line runs through Koshuu with stops at Enzan,Katsunuma-budōkyō and Kai-Yamato with Azusa and Kaiji express trains stopping at Enzan. There is one Shinjuku to Kofu Kaiji express that stops at Katsunuma-budōkyō in the morning and one that returns in the afternoon.

By Bus

Busses from Kofu to Shinjuku/Haneda Airport/Narita Airport stop just by the Katsunama IC on route 20. However, there is no connecting public transport from here and you will need the services of a friend or a taxi to get elsewhere.

Eating and Drinking

Enzan contains plenty of places to eat and drink and most are concentrated along the route that runs from the station's south exit, turning left onto Enzan bypass and running down the bypass. There are various chain restaurants and eateries along the bypass which are open late into the night. Katsunuma's eateries and drinking places are primarily based around the wineries and catering towards the tourists that frequent the area. Due to the rural nature of the city, most of these eateries will be closed by about 9pm apart from the chain restaurants in Enzan.



Aside from visiting the above sights, you can do the following

  • Climb Mount Enzan
  • Visit the wineries of Katsunuma


Enzan (as the largest constituent of Koshu) has the most diverse shopping in Koshu and contains several supermarkets, hardware stores, opticians, alcohol shops, hairdressers, Post offices and pretty much everything you will need on a day to day basis. Katsunuma has a Huga supermarket and other small shops dotted around.